Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Session Report for February 9th, 2017

Attendees: Jason B, Patrick, Ben K, Eugene, John, Rembert, Tim, Phil, Arnold and me
Games: Onitama, Great Western Trail (twice), Thurn and Taxis, Concordia Salsa & Money

Jason and I where at the club and he introduced Onitama to me. We got one quick game in that I won.

As people showed up, we broke up into three groups. John and Eugene played a couple games of Great Western Trail. John won the first game 98-77 but Eugene made up for in the second game 64-49.

Patrick, Ben, Phil and Jason played Thurn and Taxis. Patrick won with 19 pts, Ben had 18, Phil 16 and Jason finished with 11.

Tim, Arnold, Rembert and I played Concordia Salsa. Tim and Arnold tied with 103 pts, with me and Rembert far behind with 77 and 69 pts respectively. Unfortunately, I forgot to record who won the tie breaker.

The night wrapped up with a couple quick hands of Knizia''s Money. Tim won solidly the first hand with 380 pts. I won the second hand with 390 but the scores were a lot closer.

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