Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Session Report for February 23rd, 2017

Attendees: Ben Jason, Tim, a new Dave (1st time!) to replace the old one, Rembert and me.
Games played: Money, Union Pacific, Honshu and Power Grid: The Card Game

Jason, Ben and I played a quick hand of Money. The three person games tend to score higher. I won with 730 pts. Ben was close with 380 and Jason had 370.

At this point, Tim and David showed up and I pulled out Union Pacific, Ticket To Ride's under-appreciated little brother.  Jason won solidly with $107.  The rest of us were significantly behind with David at $90, Ben with $89, me with $84 and Tim with $77. I think this was the first play for everyone else than me but they got the game quickly.

After that game, we broke into 2 games of 3.  Rembert, Jason and David played Honshu, with Jason being ichiban with 72. Rembert finished next with 57 and David had 50.

With Power Grid: The Card Game, it was really close. I won with 26 pts. Ben also had 26 but I won the tie-breaker. Tim was really close with 25.

Hopefully with Prezcon over, attendance will bounce back this week.

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