Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 26, 2015 Session Report

Total attendance of nine for this week's session: David, Mike, Lina, Ben A, Rich, Will, Rembert, Paul (back for his second session) and myself were the attendees. Games played: Furstenfeld, California Gold. Machi Koro and Sys Hack (a prototype game designed by Paul).

Furstenfeld, which Mike had brought, resulted in a runaway win for Ben. Will, Rich and Mike were the other participants.

California Gold, which David had brought, was an interesting new economic game about developing orange groves in California. It was a five-player, won by Rembert. Scores: Rembert 12, Lina 11, David 10, John 10, Paul 9. Victory condition was first to 12 wins, although there need to be an equal number of player-turns so you could have a tiebreaker (can't remember what that is). Enjoyed the game and am planning on picking up a copy -- looks like there's already an expansion that covers Northern California (the original game only goes as far north as Fresno).

There was a three-player game of Machi Koro, which Will won. Mike and Rich were the other players.

Finally, with a half hour or so left in the session, we got a chance to play Paul's prototype, Sys Hack, which is kind of a combination of Coup and Werewolf where players are either hackers attempting to hack into a computer system or professionals seeking to stop them. For this, we had eight of the nine attendees participating (everyone but Ben who had lost). We got in two games (one of which ended really quickly), and both times the hackers were caught.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 19, 2015 Session Report

With a total of 13 gamers in attendance, it was literally a three-ring circus as we had to add a third table and a few more chairs to accommodate everyone. Two-first time attendees were Erin and Paul, plus Zack (who I believe had been here awhile ago, need to check the records) plus Audrey (back for a second session), along with club regulars Lina, Patrick, Mike, Doug, Greg, Tim, Neville, Eugene and myself made up the group. Hard to keep us with all the games played, but here's the list I was able to come up with: Splendor, Heroes Wanted, Essen: The Game, Ticket to Ride, Sushi Go, For Sale, Yardmaster, Ninja Dice and Timeline; Discoveries. Some details follow.

First game up was Splendor, played while waiting for more people to show. Scores were Mike 16, Lina and Zack 13, Patrick 7. This same group then played Heroes Wanted, along with Tim. That game took up most of the session, and scores were reported as follows: Patrick 34 Tim 32 Mike 30 Lina 28 Zack 25

Next game started up was Essen: 2013, the game about shopping for games at the big game convention in Essen, Germany. Once again, Greg emerged victorious (as he has done on a couple of prior occasions). Final scores: Greg 94 Neville 78 John 73 Doug 64; first play of the game for both Neville and Doug. This group then played a couple of more games: Yardmaster, which was won by Neville (scores were Neville 16 Doug and John 10 Greg 9) and, after Greg took his leave, Timeline: Discoveries which ended in a three-way tie after I came back from missing a couple of questions early on.

The third group formed with the two new players, along with Audrey and Eugene. They got in a bunch of shorter games. Sushi Go, won by Eugene with 52 to 49 for Erin, followed by Paul (39) and Audrey (26). Ticket to Ride was won by Eugene as well, followed by Audrey, Paul and Erin (no scores available). For Sale was a win for Erin (61) ahead of Paul (55), Eugene (53) and Audrey (51), and then Ninja Dice just made it to the end, with the order of finish being Erin, Eugene, Paul and Audrey.

Hope I got all the games down, as it was a busy night!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 12, 2015 Session Report

Attendance was down, partially because of the overlap with the first day of Game Days. We had seven, including one first-time attendee (Audrey), John W, Mike, Ben, Lina, Rouslan and myself. We played a total of four games: Pairs, Newshound, Concordia (with the Germania map) and Show Manager.

Pairs was a card game that Mike brought where you didn't want to be the first one elminated. I believe I was first out, or maybe last out, can't remember and my notes don't help me. Anyway, it was the quick starting filler that we played until more people showed up.

We split into two groups. Four (Mike, Ben, John W and Rouslan) played Concordia, using one of the new maps (Germania), and that game took just about all of the session time. Final scores were Mike 130, Rouslan 124, Ben 107, John W 83.

The rest of us (Audrey, Lina and myself) managed to squeeze in two games in the same time frame. First up was Newshound, which Audrey had brought, and it's primarily a trivia game about historical and current events. Audrey managed to win, with Lina and I kind of tied for second. We then played Show Manager, persevering despite the fact that the dry erase markers didn't seem to work, plus the fact we each had to put on two of each show (which actually makes the 3-player game a bit longer). I have Lina coming away with winner: Lina 86, John 67, Audrey 64.

Monday, March 9, 2015

February 26, 2015 Session Report

Here's the report for Feb. 26, supplied by co-Host Mike Brazinski:

"We had another good turnout. I thought Prezcon might keep the numbers down but I was wrong. Eleven people showed up and we ran two tables over the evening. In attendance were: me, Patrick, the other John W., Ben, Greg, Eric, Rouslon, Timmy, Dave, Lena and Alex. The far table broke out Jet Set and played a close game (at least for the leaders). Eric was victorious in the end with 30 points with Tim on his heals at 28. Rouslon finished with 22 points, Lena 21, Alex 19 and Greg finished with 18. The other table played Concordia with the Mediterranean map. Ben pulled ahead of me at the end with 110 points. Patrick and I were close on his heals though. I had 102 points and Patrick had 97. Dave was close with 94 and John had 85.

At this point, it was about 8pm and we lost several people. Greg, Tim and Eric played a game of speed Vegas Showdown, with Eric with a strong 75 points. Greg was second with 64 and Tim had 54. At the other table, Dave, John, Patrick and I played a few hands of the new Cheapass game Pairs. This game differs from most as there is one loser and the rest win. We played three hands, with Dave, John & Patrick each losing once. It's a silly little game but it was fun.
That's about it. Hope to see everyone whose not doing Games Day this Thursday night!"

Thanks, Mike, for the feedback.