Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 17, 2015 Session Report

Here's the report for our final session of 2015.

Attendance: 12. Rouslan, Mike, Alex, Alec, David, Tim, Lina, Neville, John B, Moon, Rembert and I were the attendees. Games played: Strike (x2), New Haven, Keyflower (with Expansion) and BrewCrafters. There may have been a fifth game played but, if so, I didn't get the details.

Strike, a quick playing game, was played twice, won both times by Rouslan. Alex, David and Mike participated in both games, David participated in the second of the two games.

New Haven was a four-player. Final scores were Neville 44, David 34, Rouslan 27, Rembert 26.

Keyflower was also a four-player, I know it was played with one of the new expansions. Final scores: Tim 81, John B 69, Mike 59, Alec 57.

Last game of the year to finish was BrewCrafters. Moon, who had just recently learned the game, wanted to play again, and came out the winner, 80 points to edge Alex who was second with 77. Lina was next with 67, and I came dead last with 60 (after taking out three loans). But, hey, I had to do the teaching/reminding and tried to keep things moving so we finished in time. It still took us til almost a quarter past 9 to pick up the game, but the CC staff was generous enough to let us stay a bit late, after all we were missing the next two weeks due to Christmas and New Years holidays.

Any way, next session, the first one of the new year, will be Thursday, January 7, 2016.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 10. 2015 Session Report

Eleven for this week's session: Mike, Rouslan, David, John B, Lina, Greg, Rembert, Arnold, Neville, Moon and I were the attendees. Quite a few games got played, the list includes Eight Minute Empire (played twice), Food Chain Magnate, Concordia (with Salsa expansion), Zombie Dice (with Xmas expansion), X-Com, Star Wars: Timeline and Manhattan Project.

With this much going on, it was hard to keep track of everything, but here's what I have in way of results.

Eight Minute Empire was the warmup game that was being played while I arrived. That game was won by Rouslan (12) on the tiebreaker over John B (12), with Mike (10) and David (5) also participating. A second game, played later, was incredibly close: Rouslan 15, John B 14 (3), Mike 14 (1).

Food Chain Magnate was a new game I brought. Three of us played the short introductory version that took a little more than an hour to complete. Winner was David (90), followed by myself (80) and Lina (60).

Concordia: Salsa was won by Moon (116). Mike (91), Rouslan (87) and John B (75) were the other participants.

Zombie Dice (Xmas Xpansion): John B 13, Rouslan 9, Mike 8.

At the third table, Arnold, Greg, Neville and Rembert played X-Com, a co-op game. Pleased to report that the players won. This same group then played Star Wars: Timeline, which I understand was won by Greg (but no scores available).

Finally, three of us played Manhattan Project, a game that didn't quite get finished last week. David managed to complete some high point bombs to take this one, with 62 points. Lina was second with 39, and I am sorry to report I was way way back in last with just 4.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 3, 2015 Session Report

Ten in attendance this week: Mike, David, Alex, Rouslan, Tim, John B, Eugene, Rembert, Arnold and myself were present. Games played: Codenames, Orleans (x2), Isle of Skye, X-Com and Manhattan Project.

Codenames was once again the short warm-up game. Won by the team of Rouslan and David versus myself and Alex. Couldn't come up with a good set of clues this time.

Two games of Orleans broke out, one with Mike's Deluxe set and one with Rouslan's non-deluxe set that could only accommodate four players. Turns out, both games were 4P after John B broke off to join Andrew who arrived a bit late. First Orleans game to finish was won by Alex (190) ahead of Rouslan (142), with David (111) and myself (108) well behind. The other game was won by Eugene (127) with Rembert (105) second, followed by Mike (77) and Tim (73).

Two-player games were Isle of Sky, won by John B (55) over Arnold (37). Then they played X-Com, a co-op, and the game system won, reportedly on "easy" mode.

The final game of the evening that did not make it to the end was the Manhattan Project. Rembert, assisted by David, got a 18-point bomb done just before we hit the closing time. David, Rouslan, Tim and myself were the other players.

Two more sessions remaining in 2015 as the last two sessions are cancelled as the CC will be closed for XMas and New Year's Eve, respectively.