Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Session Report for February 2, 2017

This week we had two groups playing for the night. John, Eugene, Chris and I started Great Western Trail. John won the game solidly with 81 points with some strong cow points. Eugene was the next closest with 73, Chris had 63 and I brought up the rear with 57.

At the other table, Rouslan, Patrick, Jason B, Rembert and Ben K played Manhattan Project Energy. The game ended with Rembert and Ben both ending with 72 pts. Jason and Patrick ended with 68 and 67 respectively and Rouslan had 51.

As the night wound down, I taught Ben, Jason and Rouslan Knizia's Money. We just played one hand. Rouslan had the high score of 510. I came in next with 450, Ben had 380 and Jason had 270

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