Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Session Report for February 23rd, 2017

Attendees: Ben Jason, Tim, a new Dave (1st time!) to replace the old one, Rembert and me.
Games played: Money, Union Pacific, Honshu and Power Grid: The Card Game

Jason, Ben and I played a quick hand of Money. The three person games tend to score higher. I won with 730 pts. Ben was close with 380 and Jason had 370.

At this point, Tim and David showed up and I pulled out Union Pacific, Ticket To Ride's under-appreciated little brother.  Jason won solidly with $107.  The rest of us were significantly behind with David at $90, Ben with $89, me with $84 and Tim with $77. I think this was the first play for everyone else than me but they got the game quickly.

After that game, we broke into 2 games of 3.  Rembert, Jason and David played Honshu, with Jason being ichiban with 72. Rembert finished next with 57 and David had 50.

With Power Grid: The Card Game, it was really close. I won with 26 pts. Ben also had 26 but I won the tie-breaker. Tim was really close with 25.

Hopefully with Prezcon over, attendance will bounce back this week.

Session Report for February 16th, 2017

Attendees: Jason, Ben, Patrick, Arnold, Eugene, John and me
Games played: Roborally (2016), Great Western Trail and Honshu

I brought the latest edition of Roborally. Patrick, Arnold, Jason, Rembert and I played on a map with 2 boards and three flags. The route was basically up and back a couple times. I broke away from the pack around the 2nd flag and won. Rembert was right on my tail and Patrick was recovering. Arnold was next in line and Jason sacrifice position to try to stop me from finishing.

John, Eugene and Ben played Great Western Trail. Eugene had a strong showing with 156 pts. John came up next with 111 and Ben had 77.

Patrick brought Honshu and we got 3/4's of a game in. We scored at that point and Ben had 46 pts. Jason was next with 45, I had 43 and Patrick had 41. We don't know how it would have finished but we were all really close.

Session Report for February 9th, 2017

Attendees: Jason B, Patrick, Ben K, Eugene, John, Rembert, Tim, Phil, Arnold and me
Games: Onitama, Great Western Trail (twice), Thurn and Taxis, Concordia Salsa & Money

Jason and I where at the club and he introduced Onitama to me. We got one quick game in that I won.

As people showed up, we broke up into three groups. John and Eugene played a couple games of Great Western Trail. John won the first game 98-77 but Eugene made up for in the second game 64-49.

Patrick, Ben, Phil and Jason played Thurn and Taxis. Patrick won with 19 pts, Ben had 18, Phil 16 and Jason finished with 11.

Tim, Arnold, Rembert and I played Concordia Salsa. Tim and Arnold tied with 103 pts, with me and Rembert far behind with 77 and 69 pts respectively. Unfortunately, I forgot to record who won the tie breaker.

The night wrapped up with a couple quick hands of Knizia''s Money. Tim won solidly the first hand with 380 pts. I won the second hand with 390 but the scores were a lot closer.