Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 24, 2014 Session Report

Group of seven for this week's session:  Neville, Alex, Tim, Rouslan, Rembert, Helen and myself.  We got in three games:  Lords of Waterdeep, Manhattan Project (with the Nations expansion) and 7 Wonders.

Lords of Waterdeep was a three-player, won by Tim.  Scores:   Tim 177 Helen 143 Rembert 137.

Manhattan Project was a four-player that took up just about the entire session time.  I managed to win the game although, while we were counting points, Neville forgot that he could have won on his turn without having to save up for the five points for loading the final bomb.  So, a win with an asterisk.  Final scores (as reported) were John 51, Rouslan 39, Neville 26, Alex 19.  Alex took some severe hits from some of Rouslan's air strikes and never recovered.

The other game was 7 Wonders, which was another win for Tim.  Scores:  Tim 55 Helen 51 Rembert 46.

A remember:  this coming week is Game Days, which lasts from Thursday thru Sunday (May 1 - 4).  However, the Laurel club will be open Thursday night, May 1, for our regular club session.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 17, 2014 Session Report

Only six for this week's session:  the group was Neville, Andrew, Tim, Stan, Rouslan and myself.  With just one table going, we managed to get in just two games:  Alien Frontiers and Fleet.

Alien Frontiers was another close game, with different people bouncing up and down the leaderboard until it finished as a battle between Stan and Tim.  Tim, who had the advantage of few plays under his belt, managed to win his second game in as many weeks.  Final scores were Tim 8, Stan 7, Neville 5, while Andrew and I had just 4 at the end.

Fleet was a four-player, and the game had to be picked up before reaching the finish line.  We were about two-thirds through the game, and Neville was winning.  Scores at that point were Neville 38, Tim 31, John 27, Rouslan (in his first play) 26.  Rouslan had gone big for the processing licenses, outbidding us for three of the four that came up (Tim got the fourth one).

Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 10, 2014 Session Report

Once again, in the better late than never category, with the time for this week's session rapidly approaching, here is a report from last week's session.  Attendance held steady at eight, as we welcomed Alex whom he hadn't seen for awhile, along with Rouslan, Patrick, Tim, Neville, Rembert, Helen and myself.  Four games were played:  Samurai Swords, Vegas Showdown, Alien Frontiers and Bang:  The Dice Game.

Samurai Swords was somewhat similar to Bang in that each player had a role that supported one side or another in a three-sided conflict.  The more difficult sides had a favorable score multiplier.  In this game, the Shogun/Samurai side of Rouslan, Tim and myself won with 9 points, most of which were scored by Rouslan who was the Shogun (kind of like the Sheriff in Bang).  The Ninja team (Neville, Alex and Rembert) was second with four points.  The Ronin (Patrick) had a favorable multiplier of 3 but 3 times zero is still 0.

Other games:  Vegas Showdown was a win for Alex.  Scores:  Alex 59, John 52, Helen 45, Rembert 35.  Alex pulled ahead in the endgame scoring with higher revenue and population than anyone else.  Alien Frontiers was adjudicated as a win for Tim:  Tim 8 Neville 7 Patrick and Rouslan 6.  The other game, Bang:  The Dice Game, was a three-player, and Helen won as the Renegade, Rembert second as the Outlaw and yours truly was first eliminated as the Deputy.  Interesting, in the three-player you get to see everyone's roles and each player has a target to eliminate.  In some ways, a bit more interesting than the regular game but still with a lot of luck on the die rolls (I got hit with tons of Arrows which was my big problem leading to an early demise for my character).

Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 3, 2014 Session Report

Mike, Doug, Neville, Ben, Rembert, Helen and myself were the attendees for a total attendance of 7 this week.  Games played:  Go For It, Russian Railroads, Alien Frontiers, For Sale and Gypsy King.

Go For It was the quick starter game while waiting for people to show up.  It was a five-player dice game where you were matching numbers to collect points from cards.  Doug collected more cards, but I managed to win because I collected more high value cards.  Actually, we called the game after a certain number of rounds (normally you play to 40).  Scores:  John 25, Doug 24, Ben and Neville 10, Mike 7.

At this point we split into two groups.  One group (Doug, Mike and myself) played Russian Railroads which everyone had played at least once before.  I came away the winner, scores:  John 326, Mike 247, Doug 207.

The other group opted for Alien Frontiers, which took most of the remaining session time.  Final scores:  Helen 10, Neville 6, Ben and Rembert 5.

Doug, Mike and I had time for a couple of short filler games.  One, For Sale, was won by Doug (82K) ahead of Mike (63K) and John, last (52K).  The other was Gypsy King which was a close finish:  John 108 Mike 104 Doug 78.  It was all about who could catch the most fish!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

March 27, 2014 Session Report

The group for this session included Mike, Neville, Patrick, Rouslan, Andrew, Ben, Tim, Helen and myself for a total of nine.  We played five games:  Love Letter, City Council, Lords of Vegas. Bang:  The Dice Game and Coup. 

Love Letter was a quick warm-up game, no results recorded.  For City Council, there were four of us:  Rouslan, Patrick, Tim and myself.  In the end, we all got greedy and the all players lose scenario took place once pollution spun out of control.  Rouslan was leading, 8 VPs to 7 for Patrick and myself, at the time the game ended.

Lords of Vegas was also a four-player, final scores:  Ben 49, Neville 40, Mike 26, Andrew 20.

Bang-the Dice Game, Rouslan was the Sheriff and the winner.  Neville, Helen and I were the also-rans.  Neville brought Coup, which was played at the club for the first time.  I emerged the winner after a final show-down with Rouslan.  Neville and Helen had been knocked out earlier.