Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 25, 2013 Session Report

Attendance was up this week, partly due to two first-timers (Vince and Eric) whom we hope to see at the club again in the future.  Mike, Patrick, Rembert, Helen, Brad and myself were the others bringing the total attendance up to eight for this week.  We played three games:  Can't Stop, Lords of Waterdeep and Village.  I managed to go undefeated, winning both Can't Stop and Village.

Can't Stop was a four-player, with Vince and Eric joining Mike and myself.  I managed to use a conservative approach to win, although Vince was close, getting two numbers to the top.  Eric and Mike each managed to get one.

For Village, the players were Mike, Rembert, Vince and myself.  Final scores were:  John 50 Vince 47 Mike 43 Patrick 39. I believe it was Vince's first time playing, so he did well to come close to winning.

The other four of us were in the Lords of Waterdeep game that wrapped up just before closing time.  Helen won by just two from Brad (161 to 161).  Eric and Rembert were the other two players..

Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 18, 2013 Session Report

Despite a disappointing turnout in total numbers this week (four), we still had a good time.  In honor of the 100th edition of the Tour de France taking place this week, I brought one of my prize possessions, a rare out-of-print cycling game called "Maillot Jaune."  Doug, Mike and I each took one of my hand-made all-time great national teams to compete on the simulated course tackled by the real-life Tour that same day, featuring a dual ascent of the legendary Alpe d'Huez.   Doug and Mike were giving me blank stares while I explained the rules but, after a little bit, everyone got into the swing of things, and the attacks started and never seemed to stop.  However, even after all this attacking, the Peleton was still intact halfway up the first ascent of the Alpe, save for a few sprinters who just didn't have the legs to tackle such a tough climb.  While Doug's Belgian team featured the great Eddy Merckx, Mike's USA team featured the disgraced Lance Armstrong, and I had the great "Big Mig" Indurain leading the Spanish team, none of these figured in the final sprint for the win, with Doug outrolling Mike and taking victory with Belgian climbing ace Lucien Van Impe.  Mike was second with Greg LeMond (now the only American TdF winner after Landis and Armstrong were stripped of their titles), while I came in third with Spaniard Luis Ocana. 

By this time Brad had arrived, and we still had plenty of time for a meaty Euro, and Brad wanted to play Tzolkin:  The Mayan calendar game.  In this game, everyone seemed to try different strategies.  I focused on Temple tracks, Doug focused on crystal skulls, Brad expanded to six workers and focused on building.  I had an early lead that somehow managed to hold up for the win, despite not getting the monument I had hoped for.  (In fact, only one monument was bought.)  Final scores were John 66, Brad 53, Doug 52, Mike 40.

Hope to see attendance bounce back next week.

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 11, 2013 Session Report

Back after a week off due to the 4th of July holiday.  We had eight for this session: Patrick, Tim, Mike, Peng, Ben, Rembert, Brad and myself.  Three games were played:  Agricola, Dark Horse and Race for the Galaxy.

Agricola was a tight three-player game, with Peng coming out on top.  Final scores were Peng 33, Tim 32, Ben 31.

Dark Horse was a four-player, and we had to end the game a turn or two short of the finish line due to time.  Mike, who managed to build all his towns and cities and connect them, came from behind to win, with 23 points.  I was second with 20, followed by Patrick (19) and Rembert (19).  It was the first play for Mike and Rembert, and Patrick and I had played before.

Brad arrived late and taught Race for the Galaxy to the players from the Agricola game, which finished in less than two hours.  Final scores on that game were Brad 44, Peng 31, Ben 25, Tim 23.

This coming Saturday is the GCOM Family Picnic, hope to see many of you there.