Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25, 2010 Session Report

Attendance took a bit of a dip this week, we only had five gamers in attendance: Doug M, Clayton, Patrick, Tim and myself. Five games were played: Lost Cities, Can't Stop, Ticket to Ride-Swiss, Endeavor and Slide 5.

First up was Lost Cities, Doug M and I got in one hand. I had a positive score, Doug did not.

Clayton arrived, the three of us played Can't Stop. Clayton won. It was still just the three of us at this point, Clayton suggested Ticket to Ride-Switzerland. It was a close game, we gave the win to Doug M although he got confused on a couple of tickets between Locarno and Lugano, so it goes as a win with an asterisk.

By then Patrick and Tim had arrived, Patrick brought Endeavor. It was a four-player game, won by Doug with Tim second, Tim's first play of the game.

Finally, to wrap the evening up (we had about 20 minutes or so until 10 at this point), it was Slide 5. Close game (again time for just one hand) Doug 3 and Clayton 4 had the low scores, first time for Doug and Patrick.

Everyone had a good time, hoping for a better turnout next week.

Friday, March 19, 2010

March 18, 2010 Session Report

Turned out to be a good night for Doug Hoylman at this week's session, as he won four out of four games played. Still a bit short of the all-time record, but very impressive. Overall, attendance was down a bit to eight, but we did welcome Steve back for his third session, along with Doug H, Clayton, Paul, Ron, Don, Doug M and myself. We played a total of six different games: R-Eco, Manoeuvre, Ad Astra, Automobile, Hoity Toity and Hollywood Blockbuster. Some details follow.

R-Eco was first up and took about 20 minutes or so while more people were showing up. Doug started his winning streak, taking the final chit to score 13 with Clayton (8) in second, Paul was at 6, Steve and I at 3. It was Steve's first play.

Steve had brought Ad Astra, which was new to some of us but had been played by a couple of people once before. It wound up being a three-player game as others moved on to other games after the explanation. Final scores were Doug H 71 (win #2 of the evening), Paul 55 with Steve at 53, a close race for second.

Ron and Don had arrived and once again played Manoeuvre (hope I have the spelling right). It was a repeat of last week, Don winning with the French over Ron's British. Ron vowed that Don will not be allowed to play the French next time.

Doug M, Clayton and I played a three-player Automobile that wrapped up in about an hour and half (the game goes much quickly with just three). Very close finish, I edge Doug by just 10 dollars, 4740 to 4730. Clayton, who won his first game, seemed to be slipping in this one, dropping to third at 3480.

Don and Ron were still going at it at Manoeuvre, so six of us played Hoity Toity and Doug H won his third game. I got to second with the best set at the end but still couldn't catch Doug. Paul (with second best set) nosed Doug M for third, and Clayton and Steve rounded out the field.

Final game was Hollywood Blockbuster which we barely completed under the wire. This was Steve's first time with the game and he did very well, falling just four points short of Doug who once again could not be denied. Final scores: Doug H 79, Steve 75, John 67, Clayton 46, Paul 38.

Hope to see everyone next week. Would be nice to get back into double figures attendance-wise, once again.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 11, 2010 Session Report

This report from last week's session should serve to bring the blog up to date.

Attendance (10): Paul, Mike, Greg, Doug M, Doug H, Ron, Don, Tim (back for the third week in a row), Clayton and myself.
Games Played (7): Maneuver, Power Grid - Spain/Portugal, TC Tennis, Campaign Manager, Roll Through the Ages, Vegas Showdown and Ingenious.

A few details on some of the games.

Maneuver (two-player, Ron versus Don): Not much in the way of comments, but Don won by what appeared to be a fairly decisive margin.

Power Grid (6-player, full table): Won by Doug H on a tiebreak by $5 from Tim. Greg, Doug M, Paul and Mike were also in the game. Good result for Tim, who I was informed was playing Power Grid for the first time.

TC Tennis: This was a beta of a game I am signed up as a playtester for Victory Point Games. My opponent was Clayton; he was Jimmy Connors while I was Ivan Lendl. Our matchup ended in a win for Connors (Clayton) in a tiebreak.

Campaign Manager 2008: Clayton and I then changed into the roles of Presidential candidates in another two-player game, the recently released replay of the most recent U. S. Presidential election. This time McCain (John) beat Obama (Clayton), although I probably had a slight edge from having played before. It came down to the final three states.

Roll Through the Ages: Four player, Ron gets his revenge on Don, winning by three (43 to 40) with John (24) and Clayton (22) far behind. We used the new "Late Bronze Age" variant which has more player options but also makes the game quite a bit longer.

Vegas Showdown: Four-player, Doug H won and Paul was last. Greg and Doug M were also in the game, no report on who got second and third.

Ingenious: Three-player, won by Greg (13). Paul and Doug H had 8. Nice win for Greg.

We've had a good run attendance-wise, so hopefully we can keep it up for next time!

Monday, March 15, 2010

February 25, 2010 Session Report

Here's a session report, courtesy of Mike, for the session I missed. Better late than never:

I found the sheet from a week ago last Thursday. Attendance included: Mike (me), Patrick, Paul, Ron, Don, Clayton, Doug the Younger (Doug M) & Tim. Games included:
- Megacorps, with Clayton winning with $92, Paul & Doug each with $90, me with $72 and Patrick with $61.
- Snow Trails twice: with the races ending Ron - Don - Tim and then Ron - Tim - Don
- Roll Through the Ages: Ron ended with 29 pt, Tim 15
- Homesteaders: Doug ended with 58 pts, Pat and I had 51 pts and Paul had 47 pts
- Can't Stop: Ron beat Clayton is the only score I have.

Thanks to Mike for keeping the notes and providing this report.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 4, 2010 Session Report

Attendance of ten for this past week's session: Mike, Doug M, Doug H, Paul, Greg, Ron, Don, Clayton, Tim C (whom I had not seen in a long, long time) and myself. Games played: Power Grid-Factory Manager (game was actually abandoned midway through the first turn), Pitchcar, RoboRally, Homesteaders, Vegas Showdown, Qwirkle Cubes, Mississippi Queen, San Juan, Roll Through the Ages. Some details follow.

First up was Power Grid-Factory Manager which a couple of us were willing to play but, for some reason, the game was abandoned once more people showed up with other games in mind. So, it wound up with one table setting up a Pitchcar game (Don, Ron and Greg were the participants) while the rest of us (Mike, Doug M, Paul and I) played Homesteaders. No results on the Pitchcar, Homesteaders was won by Doug M (56) ahead of Mike (51), John (48) and Paul (40).

Then my scoresheets have Greg, Ron, Doug H, Don and Tim playing RoboRally, will the win going to Greg ahead of Doug and Don. Apparently Ron and Tim dropped out and may have played a Thunder Road game in there (I was finding it difficult to keep track of everything, obviously). Meanwhile, Clayton had joined the four Homesteaders players in a five-player Vegas Showdown. Once again, Doug M was the winner, scoring 65 to best John (57), Mike (54), Paul (45) and Clayton (38).

Clayton took a break and Mike, Paul and I played San Juan -- close game, as reflected by the scores: Mike 35, Paul 34, John 30. Qwirkle Cubes was next up for the other table, final scores Ron 105, Doug H 97, Don 73, Greg 71. Then, the four of them moved to the riverboat racing arena for a game of Mississippi Queeen, and Don was the winner ahead of Ron, Greg and Doug.

Final game of the evening, Roll Through the Ages, won by John 25 ahead of Clayton 24 with Paul at 20.

Apologize for no report on last week's session -- due to attending the PrezCon games convention -- still hope to post attendance and games played here if someone gets the information to me.