Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 24, 2015 Session Report

One first-time attendee (Angel) plus Mike, Rouslan, Alex, Tim, Lina, Neville, Will and myself were the attendees (total of nine) for this week's session. Games played: Founding Fathers (the Rick Heli version), Stockpiles and Bora Bora.

Founding Fathers was a 2015 of an earlier print-and-play version based on the early years of USA history, not to be confused with another game by the same name (co-designed by Jason Matthews) about the Constitutional Convention. After rules explanation, it took awhile just to complete the first full turn, which saw George Washington succeeded first by John Adams and then Ben Franklin, so we picked up the same and scored it as follows: Neville10, Lina 6, Will/Angel 6, yours truly 5 although Neville (who had scored most of his VPs with Adams) was likely to slide back and Lina (who had the newly-elected Franklin) was likely to surge forward.

The five of us then played a stock market type game that Neville had brought. Turned out to be a close fight between Neville and Will, with Neville the winner by two, 148 to 146. The rest were far behind: Lina 90, me 81, Angel 389.

The other four attendees played Bora Bora, a Stefan Feld design, that took up just about the entire session time. Scores were Mike 156, Rouslan 149, Tim 115, Alex 105.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 17, 2015 Session Report

Ten gamers in attendance (Doug, Patrick, Mike, Will, David, Eugene, Rouslan, Tim, Alex and myself) and we played a total of four different games (Viceroy, Concordia: Brittania, Evolution and Viticulture with the Tuscany expansion. Some results follow.

Viceroy was a three-player, won by Rouslan. Scores were Rouslan 121, Doug 65, Patrick 61. Mike and Tim played a two-player Concordia on the new Brittania map. This was a close game, won by Mike -- 143 to 135 for Tim. Finally, all five joined in for a second game, Evolution. Tim won. I have the scores as Tim with 49 (could be 99, can't tell for sure), Patrick 48, Doug 42, Mike 29, Rouslan 21.

The other game, which took the entire session and finished one turn short of the finish line, was a very close Viticulture game that was won by Will (playing for the first time) as the result of some new endgame scoring for influence in the regions. Alex, who was well ahead playing by the regular route, wound up a close second. Scores were Will 28, Alex 27, Eugene 24, myself 22, David 8. David (like Will) was new to the game, but things didn't turn out so well for him.

A reminder that a local gaming event, Congress of Gamers, will be coming up this coming weekend, Sept. 26-27, in Rockville, MD.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 10, 2015 Session Report

Attendance of 10 for this session. Attendees were Mike, Lina, David, Eugene, John B, Tim, Rouslan, Rembert, Paul and myself. Games played: Operation FAUST, Viticulture (with some elements of the Tuscany expansion) and Concordia. Some results follow.

Operation FAUST was a six-player, won by David. Winning score of $1.4 million. Mike, Rembert, Tim, Paul and Rouslan were the other players in this game. No additional details, other than it was the first appearance for the game at the club.

Viticulture was making a return after a long absence with some new expansions added from Tuscany. Four of us played, and I was well ahead (19) to 17 for Eugene, 13 for Lina and 10 for John B at closing time when we had to pick up with maybe one round remaining.

One more game, a five-player, which was Concordia with the Mediterranean expansion. Another very close finish, with Mike (115) edging Tim (114) for the win. Rouslan (108), Paul (87) and Rembert (82) rounded out the field for this one.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 3, 2015 Session Report

Eleven in attendance for this session: Lina, Mike, Alec, David, Greg, Eugene, Doug, Tim, Alex, Rouslan and myself. A total of six different games were played, and one game was played twice: Exploding Kittens, Kraftwagen (x2), Tesla vs Edison, Manhattan Project, Machi Koro and Rattlebones. We had three games going at once for most of the session.

Exploding Kittens was the opener, won by David, followed in order by Alec, Mike, myself and then Lina, in reverse order of elimination, with David being the last person standing.

Kraftwagen was played twice, Greg winning both games. Scores. First game (3-player): Greg 91, Eugene 62, Tim 38. Second game (3-player): Greg 78, Tim 49.

Tesla vs Edison had a full table of five and took up most of the session time. Rouslan won by a wide margin with Maxxim, by building on the "1" spots then playing the Stock Market with an occasional Propangda, totally ignoring the Tech track. Final scores: Rouslan 702, me (Tesla) 546, Mike (Brush) 521, Alec (Edison) 505, Alex (Thomspon) 489.

Manhattan Project was a three-player, won by Doug (61) followed by Lina (48) and David (31).

Machi Koro was played with the Harbor Expansion, and won by Lina (6) with Doug (4) second.

Rattlebones did not make it to the finish line.