Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 17, 2011 Session Report

It was a smaller crowd than usual for our last session before the Thanksgiving holidays: Ben, Patrick, Neville and myself were on hand. We played a warmup game of Martian Dice, then Olympus which Patrick had brought, then wrapped up the evening with another quick game of Martian Dice. Ben managed to win all three times.

Scores: Martian Dice Game #1 -- Ben 29 Neville 18 John 17 Patrick 15. Played to 25, Ben did not fail to score on any turn. Game lasted six rounds.

Olympus: Ben 42 Neville 33 John 30 Patrick 28. Ben won by getting more things to the end which picked up most of the bonus cards.

Martian Dice Game #2 -- Didn't quite finish but played five complete rounds. Final scores: Ben 19 Neville 13 Patrick 12 John 9.

Ben and Neville finished 1-2 in all three games, while Patrick and I brought up the rear.

Hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving Holiday, next session will be Thursday December 1st.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 10, 2011 Session Report

Missed last week's session because of EuroQuest, so no report from any club session. But here's a recap of games played at EQ this year:


This week there was a group of five -- Neville, Mike, Doug H, Tim and myself -- we were joined in mid-session by Michael who had come to EuroQuest last week but was new to our group. Played three games: Martian Dice, Potion-Making Practice and Belfort, but Belfort did not quite make it to the finish line.

Martian Dice, which we called after five turns apiece, went to Tim: Tim 18, John 13, Doug 9, Mike and Neville 7.

Potion-Making Practice, which was named as the best Russian-produced boardgame of the past five years in 2010, has recently been made available in an English edition through Right Games, LLC. Our game was won by Doug with 29 pts but Neville came from behind with a big 10-point play near the end to finish second with 26. Tim (22), John (19) and Mike (16) were also in the game, so to speak.

One more session before the Thanksgiving holidays.