Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Session Report for January 26th, 2017

Another great turnout! We had Jason B, Ben K, Rembert, John, Chris, Patrick, Eugene, Neville, Ben A,, Lenny, Alexis, Rouslan and me!

While waiting for people to arrive, several started a game of Zombie Fluxx but we abandoned it as everyone showed up. At this point, we broke up in to what seems to be becoming a pattern of 3 groups.

At the first table, Jason, Rembert, Rouslan, Lenny and Alexis played Scythe. Jason and Rouslan both ended the game with 46 points but I don't know the tie breaker works, so, they both get a win in this blog.

Table two featured John, Neville, Patrick and Chris in a game of Railroad Revolution. Chris pulled out a strong win with 274 points. John came in second with 248, Patrick was close with 240 and Neville finished with 216.

The final table had the Bens, Eugene and I play Power Grid on the Central Europe map. The game started with all four of us gathered near the middle. This look like it was going to be bad for Ben and Eugene but we managed to grow out different directions. It wasn't looking good for Eugene but he got the right plants and the right time and won powering 17 cities.  Ben A and I both powered 15 but I had 20 dollars, err... electros, more. Ben K powered 13.

The night wrapped up with Jason beating Rouslan  in a game of Tzaar.

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