Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 22, 2010 Session Report

Attendance of seven for tonight's session: Ron, Mike, Paul, Greg, Clayton, Ben S and myself were the attendees. Got to play two of my favorite games: Maillot Jaune and Puerto Rico, plus Ben had brought Blox, which was also played.

Last week of the Tour de France, so I dusted off my prize OOP game called Maillot Jaune. We randomly rolled for a course with a nice downhill finish and played with the all-time great teams set I had put together last year. I had the US team and managed to set up Lance Armstrong for a nice win. There was a four-way sprint for second, which went to Greg (with Indurain, Spanish team) ahead of Ron (Eddy Merckx, Belgian team), Mike (Coppi, Italian team) and Paul (Zoetemelk, Dutch team). Clayton (French team) and Ben (German team) also participated but were at a bit of a disadvantage since they came in late and couldn't close down the distance on the leaders.

Still had almost an hour and a half left in the session, so we split into two groups for the second half. Ben, Ron and Greg played Blox, won by Ben (who had brought the game) with 57 to 56 for Greg and 45 for Ron. Greg and Ron were complained they hadn't figured out the strategy, but it looks like Greg came close to beating Ben, the "teacher" for this one.

Mike, Paul, Clayton and I played Puerto Rico. Mike and I seemed to be on parallel tracks when we built the Harbor on the same turn. Then I got the Small Warehouse, Mike went for the Factory, I got the Guild Hall while Paul and Mike scarfed up the other large buildings (two each). I had a good shipping position and managed to win by just two points over Mike. Final scores: John 52, Mike 50, Paul 37, Clayton 23.

Monday, July 19, 2010

July 15, 2010 Session Report

Eight for tonight's session: Paul, Ron, Mike, Doug, Clayton, Patrick and I were joined by Ben L, who was making his first visit to the club. We played the following four games: Olympia 2000, Word on the Street, Fresco and Automobile.

First up was Olympia 2000, turned out to be a five-player while waiting for others to show up. Paul was the winner with 12, followed by Doug and Mike (9 each), Ron (3) and John (1).

Doug had brought Word on the Street, which we played as teams. The games with a timer, and you respond to a question by "spelling" a word, pulling all the consonants in the word to your side of the table in a kind of tug-of-war. First team to collect eight letters wins. Really close game, came down to the final word when the team on Doug's side (Ron, John, Doug) pulled it out 8-7 over the other team (consisting of Ben, Paul and Mike).

We then split into two four-player games which took up the rest of the evening. One of the games was Fresco, when Ben won for his first win at the club. Final scores: Ben 110, Paul 100, Patrick 93, Paul 92. Seems like a really close game.

The Automobile game also came down to the wire. I prevailed, with 4420 in cash and factory value to 4290 for Mike. Turns out, had Mike not cut the price of his low-price cars on the final turn, he would have prevailed. Other players in this game were Clayton (3500) and Ron (3120).

Friday, July 9, 2010

July 8, 2010 Session Report

We had six gamers for this week's session: Mike, Paul, Doug H (who had missed the last couple of times), Ben, Alan (whom we hadn't seen for awhile) and myself. Games played: San Juan, Citadels, Archaeology, Stone Age, Cloud Nine.

First up, four of us who were there by 6 started with San Juan. Paul got two 6 buildings, the City Hall and the Palace, and won with 27 points. I had no 6 buildings (didn't see one the entire game), but nonetheless I build most every turn with the Poorhouse and the Carpenter and came in second with 24, followed by Doug (20) and Mike (19).

Ben and Alan had arrived, so we played a six-player game of Citadels. Doug won, partly because the Warlocks didn't do their job and knock down his buildings quickly enough. Then I made the mistake of passing him the Architect when he had enough Gold to build his last two buildings. Game over. Final scores: Doug 32, Alan 25, John 19, Ben 15, Paul 14, Mike 13.

Citadels went quickly, and so there was still plenty of time left in the session. Alan had brought Archaeology which he taught to Ben and Paul. From what I could see, it looked like a set-collecting card game that played really quickly -- so fast they got in three games before Ben and Alan had to leave. Each of the three players won one of the games.

The rest of us (Doug, Mike and myself) opted for Stone Age. It took us slightly longer than the three Archaeology games to finish our one game, and it was a tie! Mike and I had 132 each, Doug wound up with 108. We checked the rules for a tiebreaker and I came out on top by 10 to 9, but I was happy to share the win with Mike.

Twenty minutes left, we pulled out an old favorite, Cloud Nine, trying to finish before time ran out. It was a quick, interesting game. Doug pulled ahead to an early lead when he played two Wild Cards for solo flights, but his efforts in that regard left him short of cards for the following series of balloon trips. Then Paul made a miraculous four-die roll -- all blanks -- to move from the 20 pt. cloud to the 25 pt. cloud. This propelled him and his one remaining passenger (Mike) into a commanding position on the score track. Paul went on to win, followed by Mike (46), Doug (40), yours truly way back in last at 31.

A good time was had by all. Hope to see many of you at the GCOM Family Picnic this Sunday.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 1, 2010 Session Report

Seven in attendance for this session: Ron, Mike, Paul, Don, Greg, Ben and myself. Games played: Lost Cities, San Juan, Jet Set, Macao, Roll Through the Ages.

Paul and Mike arrived first and finished one hand of Lost Cities (won by Paul, 44-10) when others arrived. There was a four-player San Juan that got started but abandoned after a couple of turns. Then, we split into two groups. One group played JetSet, which Greg had brought, that game was won by Ben, scores were Ben 44, Don 41, Greg 39, Paul 32. The other group played Macao, which I had brought. The Macao game, which included Mike, Ron and myself, took the rest of the evening. I managed to win, pulling ahead in the end after trailing most of the way. Sorry, didn't write down the final scores.

The other table played Roll Through the Ages after finishing with JetSet. Ben won again, final scores were interesting: Ben 28, Paul 18, Don 12, Greg -1. Love to hear Greg explain how he managed to wind up with a negative score.

Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July holiday weekend, looking forward to this week's session.