Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Session Report for January 12, 2017

Hi. After a hiatus, I'm back to updating the blog. I apologize for taking so long and one of my New Year's resolutions is to keep this up-to-date.

This week we had Ben, John, Joe (a first timer!), Jason, Chris, Rouslan, Tim, Rembert and me attend. We broke into three groups of three.

The first group played Egizia. Chris pulled out the win with 128 pts. Jason had 105 and Rembert finished with 90. That group played another game afterwards but I didn't get any info on it.

John led the second group down the Great Western Trail. I believe this was the first time the other players played. The game was a low scoring game with John eking out a win with 57 pts. Joe followed down the trail with 52 and Ben trailed behind with 50.

The last group was Rouslan, Tim and I. We got two games in. The first game was Railroad Revolution. Rouslan and I had played this before but it was Tim's first play. I won the game with 288 points by focusing on the Western Union and barely making it to the Mississippi. Tim and Rouslan drove west but just couldn't get the points. Rouslan finished with 230 points and Tim had 204.

The three of us wrapped up with Isle of Skye. The game was really close, with Rouslan getting the win with 52 points, me right behind with 51 and Tim at 45.

As a reminder of upcoming events, GCOM Winterfest is January 28th and 29th and Prezcon is coming up in late February.

By the way, my other resolution is to try to spell Rouslan's name right each week 😉

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