Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 18, 2016 Session Report

Attendance of 12 for this week's session, including one first-time attendee (Chris) along with Mike, Jason A, Ben K, Greg, Arnold, Lina, Tim, Rouslan, Rembert, Neville and myself. This week we were in a different location (the gaming room) and had three tables going for most of the session, including a game on the Ping Pong table. Games played were Keyflower, The Networks, Switching Tracks and Sanssouci.

Keyflower was won by Tim (56) ahead of Mike (53), Jason A (41) and Chris (23). Game notes indicate that not a single green producer or shipping tile ever came out, a rarity.

The Networks produced an exciting finish, with Neville coming from behind to eke out a close win over Arnold and Greg. Scores were Neville 245, Arnold 243, Greg 242, Lina 222 while I brought up the rear at 205. I got dinged pretty hard by some last turn events (Network cards) and am thinking the main reason I came in last was I didn't invest in taking those Network cards during the game.

The third group -- at the Ping Pong table -- got in two games. First was Switching Tracks -- scores were Rouslan 4, Ben K 4, Rembert 3 -- then Sanssouci, final scores were Rouslan 86, Ben K 76, Rembert 74.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August 11, 2016 Session Report

Eight for this week's session: Jason B, Mike, Jason A, Rouslan, Eugene, Arnold, Rembert and myself were the attendees. Games played: Cockroach Poker, The Networks, Keyflower, Seeland and Pyramix. Some results follow.

Cockroach Poker was the warmup game that ended quickly when the first player -- me -- was eliminated. We then split into two groups for the longer games. One group chose Keyflower, which was won by Eugene (69) ahead of Mike (56), Jason B (50) and Rembert ((39).

The other group played The Networks, a new game which I had brought. Winner was Rouslan (242). I managed second (235) ahead of Arnold and Jason A who tied for third at 221 (Arnold had more money and would have placed ahead of Jason on the tiebreaker).

Late games were 3-player as some people left early. These were Seeland, won by Rouslan (175) ahead of me (149) and Arnold (106); and Pyramix, won by Jason B (27) ahead of Mike (24) and Rembert (20).

Good to be back after missing a couple of weeks.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 4, 2016 Session Report

I had to miss this session, but Co-Host Mike provides this report:

"Attendees: me, Jason, Jason Abovsky, Greg, Dave, Rouslin, Marian, Patrick, Ben, Tom, Rembert and one other person I forgot to record (sorry!)

We broke into 3 groups for the evening. The first table was me, Dave and the two Jasons. We started with New Bedford, a game that arrived during WBC. We had a couple rule issues with payouts but once we got started, two strategies appeared. I started whaling as quick as possible and the rest went with buildings. Over the course of the game, everyone else started whaling except Jason A. who just built stuff. In the end, he dominated the scores ending with 34. Jason B got 27, Dave got 22 and I wound up last with 17. I'm still not sure we played everything right but looking on BGG afterwards didn't show any errors.

The four of us then played a Vegas Showdown game. The game was new for both Jasons with Jason A once again winning after Dave completed filled his board completely. Jason A won with 64 pts, I had 54, Dave had 41 and Jason B ended with 39.

At the second table was Ben, Rouslin, Patrick and Tom (I don't recall see seeing him before). They started a full Machi Koro with both expansions. The game went over 2 hours with Tom finishing his city after a long, drawn-out fight. That table finished up by playing Cockroach Poker, with Rouslin being the first player eliminated.

The rest of the players played Switching Tracks. I don't know anything on how that game finished."

Hope to be back tonight for the August 11 session.

Monday, August 1, 2016

July 28, 2016 Session Report

As previously reported, Mike and I attended WBC convention this past week and missed the club session as a result. However, Jason ably filled in for us in terms of the hosting duties and reports the following:

"Attendees: Jason B.,Alex P.,Patrick C., Rembert S.

Games: Matcha (Jason 1, Alex 0), Imhotep (Jason 36, Alex 32, Rembert 31, Patrick 27), Mystic Vale (Jason 43, Patrick 19, Rembert 18)"

Curious as to people's thoughts on these new games, none of which I have played yet (have heard alot about the last two, not much about Matcha which I guess was a quick starter game).

Obvious reason for the low attendance was the conflict with WBC (and perhaps vacation plans for many regular club attendees). In addition to Mike and myself, I saw Tim, David, Eugene and Moon at WBC and, since it's a rather large convention, I may have missed some of you who were there. Congrats to Moon who won two tourneys (Castles of Burgundy and Tzolkin) at her first WBC, but since results aren't religiously posted I have no idea if there are other winners from among our group. Speaking for myself, the closest I came was semis in both Tin Goose and Churchill, but no plaques and probably no laurels as my second place in the Tin Goose semis was probably not among the closest seconds to place me in the top six.

For next week, I have a trip planned to an even larger convention (GenCon, in Indianapolis) so Mike will be in charge, hopefully Jason will be there to assist.