Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 24, 2016 Session Report

Nine attendees this week: David, Mike, Patrick, Neville, Eugene, Lina, Rembert, Tim and myself. Games played: Black Fleet, Homeland, Russian RR: German RR, Deception and Gipsy King.

We broke into three groups of three for the first round of games. Patrick, Lina and Rembert played Black Fleet, which was won by Patrick. Scores: Patrick 54, Lina 48, Rembert 33.

Russian Railroads with the German expansion was won by Eugene. Scores: Eugene 402, Mike 322, Tim 278.

Neville brought Homeland, a spy game based on the TV show. Final scores were Neville 11, David 10, myself 9. However, the Terrorists actually won as we weren't able to stop all the plots.

Second round of games included Deception, which included David, Patrick, Neville and me. I managed to win a round when I was the bad guy by throwing Patrick and David off the track even though Neville was, I thought, giving some good clues. Don't remember if we had time for a second round or not.

Then, there was a game of Gipsy King (four-player) that went to Rembert (54) ahead of Mike (52), Eugene (46) and Tim (42).

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 17, 2016 Session Report

Attendees (11): Mike, David, Moon, Greg, Arnold, John B, Rembert, Patrick, Tim and myself were joined by Luis, a first-time attendee. Games played: Gipsy King, Category 5, Orleans, Pax Porfirana and Modern Art (2 plays).

Gipsy King was the warm-up game, won by Moon. Scores: Moon 62, me 57, David 55, Mike 46.

Category Five was another short game, this one was a 5-player. Arnold and Rembert tied for best score at 6 (in this game a low score is good, a high score is bad), followed by Greg (7), John B (14) and Patrick (lots).

Then, it was on to some longer games. Two games of Modern Art were played, first a 3-player, won by Arnold (634) ahead of Greg (474) and Rembert (362). By this time Lewis had arrived and joined them for a second game. Game 2 was won by Rembert (473) ahead of Arnold (443), Greg (368) and Lewis (278).

Orleans was a four-player, and another win for Moon by just one point. Scores were Moon 140, Patrick 139, Mike 111, myself 105. The Bathhouse/Lab combo didn't work as well for me as it had in prior games.

Finally, Pax Porfirana was played by David, John B and Tim, and my information had Tim as the winner but no scores were given.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 10, 2016 Session Report

Nine for this week's session. In attendance were Mike, David, Rembert, Rouslan, Moon, John B, Tim and myself, plus a first-time attendee, Marion. I have only two games listed as being played: BrewCrafters and Kraftwagen, although it's possible I missed a game or two, being so engrossed in the BrewCrafters game.

Kraftwagen was a four-player, won by John B, who did well with racing and engineers; final scores were John B 73, Mike 53, David 48 and Rouslan 32. Unusual to see Rouslan finishing last in any of these games.

We had five for BrewCrafters, and we barely finished. Final scores (and there may have been some errors, as we were definitely a rush to finish): Moon 89, myself 75, Tim 65, Marion 60 and Rembert 48.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 3, 2016 Session Report

We had a good crowd of 11 tonight, so there were three games going for most of the session. Attendees: Mike, Eugene, David, Ben, Alex, Greg, Arnold, Moon, Rembert, Lina and myself. Games played: BrewCrafters, Seeland, Pax Porfirana, Power Grid Deluxe: North America and Legendary.

BrewCrafters was a 4-player. Everyone had played before, so the game ran fairly smoothly. Final scores: John 101, Eugene 87, Moon 76, Alex 64. We played with the same rules used at the recent PrezCon tournament, using one extra marketplace tile (the Trader's market) and random draw for the Workers and Recipes. Moon went first and got the Brewpub Manager; I took Holiday Help in the second round (Summer of year 1) and I believe Eugene got the Storage Coordinator. Anyway, things worked well for me as I had an Advanced Lab that led to additional actions in the Winter, got an early Tasting Room and worked that along with Hops-Infusted ales. Eugene tried the Double Batch/bottom row strategy which did not quite work as well (points-wise). Moon posted a decent score to come in third while Alex did not fare as well as in prior games.

Seeland was also a four-player. Scores: mike 179 Greg 171 Ben 151 Lina 115. Comment on the game: Greg and Mike kept leapfrogging until Lina was forced to end the game, giving the win to Mike.

Pax Porfirana was our one three-player game, no scores but final standings were: David 1st, Arnold 2nd Rembert 3rd.

Power Grid was played with the Deluxe edition on the North America map. Scores were fairly close: Ben (the winner) had 16, then Mike, Greg and Lina followed, all with 15, second-third-fourth determined by the money tiebreaker.

Finally, Legendary was played by Arnold and Rembert. Don't believe the game made it to the finish line.