Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 21, 2015 Session Report

Had a much larger than usual crowd of 14 for this week's session. David, Patrick, Lina, Rouslan, Greg, Will, Eugene, Ben, Tim, Rembert, Paul, Adam (who had been here once before), Marie (here for first time) and myself were the attendees. With this many, we had four games going for most of the session. Games played (at least the ones I was able to keep track of) were Elysium, California Gold, Brew Crafters, Lanterns, Cockroach Poker and Sys Hack.

Elysium (brought by Patrick) was a four-player, turned into a really close game which I was able to pull out by a narrow margin with Greg second. Final scores were John 48, Greg 45, Patrick 43, Lina 34.

California Gold was a four-player, won by Rouslan. Scores were Rouslan 15, Adam 14, Will 13, David 11.

When Eugene showed up, a game of Brew Crafters commenced. Eugene, Ben and Tim were the participants; since I was already in the Elysium game, it marked the first time Brew Crafters has been played at the club when I was not in the game. Eugene proved to be the Brewmaster once again, winning by a wide margin while Tim and Ben battled in out for second. Scores: Eugene 105 Tim 70 Ben 67.

Paul, Rembert and Marie arrived a bit later but still managed to get in three shorter games. First up was Lanterns, which Paul had brought. This was won by Paul, by just one point. Scores were Paul 44, Rembert 43, Marie 39. Then, after this and the California Gold game finished, there was time for a couple of six-player games. Next was SysHack, Paul's invention, with the hacker team (David, Marie and Rouslan) edging out the Professionals (Paul, Rembert and Will). Finally, Cockroach Poker (a game I am unfamiliar with) was played, with everyone (Rouslan, Paul, Rembert, Marie and Will) winning except for Dave, who managed to finish last at both Calfornia Gold and then Cockroach Poker, but at least he was on the winning side in SysHack.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 14, 2015 Session Report

Nine for this week's session. Attendees were David, Mike, Alex, Rembert, Lina, Tim, Will, Paul and myself. Games played: Keyflower, California Gold (with Northern Expansion), TransAmerica and 7 Wonders.

Keyflower was a four-player, scores were close, Time first with 62, Rembert second with 61, Mike next at 59, David trailing at 48.

California Gold was played (without David for the first time) as I brought my set with the expansion. It was a four-player, won by Alex (15). Others were Lina (14), Will (13) with yours truly bringing up the rear at 11.

Paul arrived late but was still able to get in a couple of games that finished off the evening. First of these was 7 Wonders, won by Tim (61) ahead of Mike (57), Paul (56), David (47) and Rembert (43). Then, those that were left played a quick round of TransAmerica. Players were David, Tim, Paul, Mike and myself, can't remember who won or was leading when time expired.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 7, 2015 Session Report

Ten for this week's session: attendees were Alex, Patrick, Mike, Tim, Eugene, Alec, Lina, Doug, Rembert, Will and myself. Games played: Scoville, Brew Crafters and Trans America.

Scoville was a full table of six, scores were very close. Lina and Patrick tied at 65, Lina had the most money and was therefore the winner (or was it least money, can't tell from the notes). Other scores were Alex 63, Alec 61, Mike 60, Rembert 54. All but Alex stayed for a final game of TransAmerica which did not finish.

Doug and Will joined Eugene and me for a game of Brew Crafters that barely made it to the finish line (we actually ran a few minutes over). Eugene was the winner, with an excellent score of 99. I was second with 87, followed by Will and Doug with 62 apiece.

Main St. Festival was last weekend. This weekend, on Sunday afternoon, May 17, is Beltsville Day, and there will be a table of games set up at the Beltsville CC as in past years.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

April 30, 2015 Session Report

Ten for this week's session -- Patrick, David, Mike, Ben, Tim, Greg, Rembert, Lina, Paul and I were the attendees. Games played: Red 7, Quilt Show, California Gold (with Northern Counties Expansion) and Belfort.

Red 7 was the warmup game. It only lasted one round, and Mike won. Patrick, David and I were the other three participants.

One group played Quilt Show, which I had brought. Final scores were Greg and Lina (50), myself (45) and David (42). We checked the rules and determined that Greg was the winner on the tiebreak. This same group, joined by Paul, played California Gold, which David had brought. We played with the Northern Counties Expansion. We didn't finish and just counted the scores at the 9 PM witching hour. Turns out everyone was at 7 except for one player (me) trailing at 5. The tiebreaker was most money and, once again, Greg was the winner.

The other group played Belfort. Final scores were Tim 39, Mike 34, Rembert 31, Patrick and Ben tied for last with 28.

A reminder that this coming Saturday is Main Street Festival in Laurel, and once again the Games Club of Maryland is running a booth with open-air gaming (rain or shine). Should be near the same location as in past years, which is on the South Side of the Street between 5th and 6th Streets -- look for the GCOM banner and a double-spaced booth (20 x 10 feet). Rodney (the other Laurel host) and I plan to be on hand.