Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 29, 2014 Session Report

Nine in attendance this week:  Mike, Tim, Jack, Alec (back for his third session), Ben and his wife Amy (Amy's first time at the club), Rembert, Helen and myself were the attendees.  Four games (Ingenious, Puerto Rico, Splendor and Caverna) were played.

Ingenious was a four-player, won by Ben.  Final scores were Ben 17 (one short of perfect), Jack 12, Rembert 11 Amy 10.  Puerto Rico (also a four-player) resulted in another win for Ben.  Scores:  Ben 41. Helen 37, Amy 36, Rembert 26.  Splendor was a two-player, won by Helen (16 to 8) over Rembert.

The other game, Caverna, took up the entire session and then some as we ran overtime putting the game away.  Mike, who had brought the game, came away the winner.   Scores were Mike 78, John 72, Tim 53 and Alec (playing for the game for the first time) 48.

Monday, May 26, 2014

May 22, 2014 Session Report

We had 10 attendees for this week's session:  Rouslan, Ben, Tim, Mike, Patrick, Alex, Alec, Helen, Rembert and myself.  Five different games were played, one of them twice:  Splendor (x2), Coal Baron, Village, Ra and Love Letter.

Splendor was the first game played, and I managed to pull out a win using a strategy similar to the one used by Patrick last week:  concentrate on just a few colors and go for the high point value cards on display.  Final scores:  John 20, Rouslan 15, Ben 7, Tim 3.  The reason my score was that high was because I completed a bonus tile during the final round.

Coal Baron took up most of the session, and it was a four-player.  Mike, once again, was the teacher, as he had been at EuroQuest and on several occasions since.  Very, very close game, judging by the final scores: Alec 112 (continuing a winning streak from last week), Patrick 109, Alex 103, Mike (ever the good teacher) last at 101.

The Village game (a three-player) was even closer.  Rouslan won with 66, while Tim and Ben each had 65. 

Helen, Rembert and I played Splendor and Ra back-to-back.  Helen won both of these:
Splendor game 2:  Helen 17 John 13 Rembert 8
Ra game:  Helen 47 John 40 Rembert 26

Final game of the evening was the usual filler, Love Letter.  Players were Rouslan, Helen and myself.  Rouslan was start player and manage to pile up a couple of quick wins.  Final scores (time ran out):  Rouslan 3 Helen 1 John 0

So, looks like Rouslan, Helen and Alec were the big winners in this week's games.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 15, 2014 Session Report

A dozen in attendance for this session, including one first-time attendee (Alec) along with Mike, Doug, Patrick, Tim, Alex, Ben, Rembert, Rouslan, Neville, Helen and myself.  We got in a total of four games:  Splendor, Nations, Power Grid-Brazil and Russian Railroads, although one of these (Nations) did not quite make it to the finish line.

First up (the warm-up game while waiting for more people to show) was Splendor.  Patrick was the runaway winner, with Doug (11) a distant second while Alex and I trailed with 10.  Patrick won by focusing on just two colors, going for some high point cards while ignoring the bonus titles completely -- could this be the recipe for a winning strategy in future games?

Power Grid-Brazil was a four-player, first time play for Alec, who came away the winner in a close game.  Scores were Alec 18, Mike (17+52 money), Rembert (17+10 money), Ben 16.

Russian Railroads finished up right before the 9 PM witching hour.  Close game with Rouslan (351) edging Neville (339) for the win.  Helen (286) and Tim (266) were the other participants.

Finally, Nations only made it through two of the four ages.  We scored it anyway, as if the game had ended.  On this basis, Alex (22) came out on top, ahead of Patrick (20), Doug (20) with yours truly (16) bringing up the rear.

Kudos to Tim for the "nice guy" award, giving up his seat twice to move to another game so people had a chance to play their favorites.

Friday, May 9, 2014

May 8, 2014 Session Report

Best crowd we've had in awhile at this week's session:  we hit double-figures in attendance (10) and had to ask for a third table to accommodate everyone so we could play three games at once.  Mike, Tim, Alex, Ben, Neville, Rembert, Patrick, Helen, Rouslan and I were the attendees.  We got in a total of six games, including one repeat:  Splendor, Star Realms (played twice), Russian Railroads, Lords of Vegas (with expansion) and Formula De (using the Sochi track).

First up was Splendor, one of these quick-playing games that has just come out recently and become quite popular (well, at least it got alot of play at Game Days last weekend).  Mike breezed to the win in his first play, while I scored 8 pts in one turn to come home second in a close race for the runner-up spot.  Final scores:  Mike 18, John 14, Alex 13, Tim 11.  First play for Mike and Alex.

We split into three different groups as more people arrived.  Four of us (Neville, Ben, Patrick and Rembert) played Star Realms, which Neville had brought, but the game broke up shortly after the Splendor game had finished without a final result as people were interested in playing longer games.  One of these was Russian Railroads, won by Roulsan (361) in a very close three-way battle, followed by Mike (338) and Alex (331), with Tim (264) bringing up the rear.

Lords of Vegas was a three-player.  Ben opened up an early lead and ran away with the game.  Neville came home second.  It was my first play, but I was the first to use the "Raiser" option incorporated in the new expansion.  Final scores:  Ben 54 Neville 44 John 26.

Two other games had to be called as  time ran out.  Helen came home 1-3 to win Formula De.  Patrick was second but his #2 car suffered a crash.  Rembert came home 4th and 5th.  In the other game, a two-player Star Realms, I managed to take advantage of the fact that Neville was such a good teacher to pull ahead, 28 to 8,. in remaining life points.

Hope to see many of you at the Laurel Main Street Festival at the GCOM booth near 5th and Main on Saturday.  Parade starts at 9, event ends at 4 PM.  Unfortunately, weather forecast calls for isolated showers but we'll see what happens.

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 1, 2014 Session Report

Given this session was up against the first day of the GCOM Game Days event, perhaps it's understandable we have a slight dip in attendance.  At any rate, it was a group of five (Tim, Neville, Rouslan, Rembert and myself), and we played a total of just two games:  Fleet (with the Arctic Bounty Expansion) and 7 Wonders.  Tim emerged as the winner in both games.

Fleet, final scores were Tim 95, Rouslan 90, John 67, Neville 63, Rembert 59.  Tim won by getting more boats and more fish than anyone else.  Rouslan had the highest value fishing licenses.

7 Wonders:  Tim 56  John and Rembert 45 Rouslan 38 Neville 36.  Kind of a low scoring game to wrap up the evening.

Next week's session I hope to have on hand the quick-playing new game, Splendor, which was in constant play at Game Days.  Also, this coming weekend, Saturday, May 10th, will be the Laurel Main Street Festival, and GCOM will once again have a booth near the corner of 5th and Main.  The event runs from 9 AM to 4 PM.  Rodney (the host at the other Laurel location, GCOM Middle Earth) and I will be running the booth for GCOM and promoting the two Laurel clubs.  We will have several tables with some entry level games set up to hopefully encourage some newcomers to the hobby.  Anyone is welcome to join in!