Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 19, 2013 Session Report

Seven for this week's session:  Tim, Helen, Mike, Neville, Doug, Alex and myself.  We played three different games:  Global Mogul, Francis Drake, and two quick games of Cardline - Animals (a new version of TimeLine which Doug had brought).

Global Mogul was a three-player, and all three (Tim, Mike and Doug) had played before.  This time, the winner was Tim. Scores:  Tim 53, Doug 46, Mike 40.

The other long game was Francis Drake, played by Helen, Neville, Alex and myself.  Helen and I had played before, while Neville and Alex were new.  Helen shifted strategies from the earlier game and came away the winner.  Scores were Helen 110, John 98, Alex 97, Neville 85.

There was still a half-hour left in the session, so some of us stayed to play Cardline, a new version of Timeline that Doug had brought.  It involved all different types of animals, placing them in order, either by age, size or weight.  Helen continued her winning ways, taking the first game in just four rounds, tying with me for the win in game 2.  Other players were Doug, Neville and Tim (game 1 only).

Once again, the center will be open the day after Christmas so we will have gaming on the 26th and again Jan. 2.  Happy Holidays everyone.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December 12. 2013 Session Report

We had seven (Mike, Karl, Neville, Patrick, Rembert, John B and myself) for this week's session.  We split into two groups and got a total of three games in:  The Hobbit, Lewis & Clark and Agricola.

The Hobbit is a cooperative game that was played by Patrick, Rembert and John B.  Unfortunately, the game system defeated the players.  So, they set up a game of Agricola that did not quite make it to the finish line by the 9 PM close time.

The rest of us played Lewis & Clark, which I had been fortunate enough to score a copy via Canada as it was one of the more popular new Essen games at this year's EuroQuest.  I managed to win, although Neville was within one turn of reaching our destination, Fort Clatsop on the West Coast.  Karl (who had played once before) and Mike were the other players.

Once again, a reminder that the club will be open on Thurs. evening Dec. 26th and again on Thurs Jan. 2, so no sessions will be missed due to the Holidays this year (but check with the Community Center in case there is inclement weather).

Friday, December 6, 2013

December 5, 2013 Session Report

Six for this week's session:  Karl, Patrick, Mike, Neville, Helen and myself.  We played three games:  American Rails, Trains and Gipsy King.

American Rails, which Mike had brought, was up first.  Five-player game, it was a streamlined version of Chicago Express/Wabash Cannonball.  Patrick bought some good shares early on and then rolled to a decisive victory.  It was fairly close for second through fifth.  Final scores:  Patrick 163, John 109, Karl 106. Mike 97, Neville 87.

We were joined for the second round of games by Helen.  Patrick continued his winning ways in a game of Trains, a three-player.  Final scores:  Patrick 38, John 34, Helen 28.  Helen and I had played before, but Patrick was new to the game.  Mike dominated the remaining game, Gipsy King, which finished in about 20 minutes.  Scores were Mike 73, Neville 61, Karl 51.

Just got my copy of Lewis & Clark in the mail today, so hope to have that one on hand for next week.