Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 15, 2012 Session Report

A good turnout of nine for this week, including a couple of people who hadn't been to the club in awhile:  Patrick, Greg, Doug, Tim, John B, Rembert, Helen, Mike and myself were the attendees.  We played a total of three games:  VivaJava:  The Coffee Game, Agricola and Cloud Nine.

VivaJava was the first game set up, but the number of players kept changing as more people arrived: eventually we wound up with a six player game as three split off for a three-player Agricola.  The winner was Patrick, who I am sure won with inspired play based on his repeated trips to the JavaDivas coffee hut in Glen Burnie.  Final scores were Patrick 28, Greg 25, Rembert and John W 24 (tiebreaker to Rembert for third), Doug 22 and Mike 20.

The Agricola game took up just about the rest of the session time and ended in a win for John B.  Scores were John B 39, Tim 30, Helen 25.  I have a note from the game about how Tim let John B claim five sheep after missing the fact that John had built a Fireplace to cook the animals.

Most of the players from the VivaJava game stuck around for one final game, Cloud Nine, which took up the final half hour of the session.  Mike, who had three of the four Wild Cards, managed to pull out the win on the final turn with a 25-point balloon trip after Doug, who was in the lead, bailed out for 20 points when Mike was the final pilot.  Scores were Mike 57, Doug 53, Rembert 49, John 44, Greg 38.

A reminder that the CC will not be open next week (Thanksgiving) so our next session will be Thursday, November 29th.  Happy Turkey Day to everyone!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 8, 2012 Session Report

Back after being away last week at EuroQuest.  We had a total of six in attendance for tonight's session:  Tim, Doug, Mike, Alex, Helen and myself.  Games played:  Piece o' Cake, Tsuro, Saint Malo and VivaJava:  The Coffee Game, the latter of which we did not have time to finish.

(Pardon the partial game notes, as I have misplaced the sheet of paper with the actual scores.)

Piece o' Cake was a four-player, waiting for others to show, won by Tim with John second.  I seem to recall Mike was last.  Doug was first divider twice, which meant that seating order may have played a role as Tim had first pick twice, I had second pick twice.

Tsuro, Alex joined in and won.  First game for Mike and possibly Alex as well.

Alex had purchased Saint Malo at Essen and taught.  He managed to win the game as well.  I believe Tim was second, tie for third, I know I was dead last as I couldn't collect Stone to complete the Walls.

By this time Helen had arrived, then Alex left, so we were at five for VivaJava, but with only a half hour remaining, we barely got through the rules and a couple of turns before it was closing time.  Doug had a narrow lead at that point, but still lots of game left.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October 25, 2012 Session Report

Sorry for not posting this report sooner, as the rush of EuroQuest prep items took priority in recent days.

We had a total of nine in attendance for this session:  Mike, Ben, Tim, John B, Rembert, Matthew Martin (a first-timer at the club) were joined later in the session by Helen and Stan.  We only played a couple of games, both new Essen games that Mike and I were planning on demoing at next week's EuroQuest convention:  CO 2 (designed by Portugese game designer Vital Lacerda) and CopyCat (designed by Friedemann Friese, German game designer best known for Power Grid).

The CO 2 game saw global pollution reach a high of 480, just short of the all-players' lose scenario at 500.  With five players, plus a huge learning curve for a rather, long meaty game, it was quite challenging.  I sat out and tried to keep things moving, in addition to responding to any questions.  We finished four of the five decades and then tallied the score as if the game had ended.  The result was a three-way tie between Rembert, John B and Matthew, each with 43 points.  The tiebreaker (most plants built) favored Rembert, three to two for the others.  Tim (at 39 points) and Ben (at 35) trailed.  Everyone seemed to find the game challenging and interesting.

Mike split off from the group to take a look at Copycat.  Helen arrived later in the session and joined in.  Stan arrived even later but did not play any games.  Mike was able to get the rules down well enough to conduct a teaching demo at EuroQuest.

There will be no session report for Thursday, November 1, as Mike, I and many of our attendees were at EuroQuest, so regular reports will begin with the November 8th session.