Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 21, 2012 Session Report

Apologize for being a bit late with this report, as it's been a busy past few days.

Last session we had attendance of 11, including two first-time attendees (Jack and Kristina) along with Tim, Jay, Mike, Doug H, Patrick, Ben, Eric K (whom we haven't seen in awhile), Rembert and yours truly.  We had three games going most of the time.  We played the Blood Bowl card game, Helvetia, Ticket to Ride 1910, Ingenious (twice) and Cheeky Monkey.  Here's a few details on the games we played.

First up were two games that took most of the evening.  One, the Blood Bowl card game, turned out to be a rout for Kristina, who outdistanced Patrick, Jay and Doug.  Final scores were 48-33-31-24 in Kristina's favor.  The other "long" game was Helvetia, which Mike had brought.  I joined in and one of the two new players, Tim, managed to edge me for the win.  Scores were:  Tim 24, John 22, Mike 17, Rembert 13.

Eric, Jack and Ben played a couple of shorter games.  One was 1910 Mega, using the US map with the newer version.  No scores available, but the report I got had Eric winning with Jack second and Ben third.  This trio then played Ingenious, which Ben won.  Eric was second, Jack third.  Then Ben took his leave, and Eric and Jack played a two-player Ingenious.  That one was won by Eric.

Still there was time for one more game, and it was Cheeky Monkey.  Doug and I cleaned up as the other three players had problems building a stack to withstand the numerous steals and forced trades.  Doug won most of the bonuses to take the win, 49 with my 36 (usually a winning score with 5 players) only good for second.  Rembert, Jay and Kristina collectively had nine animals at game's end and no bonus points.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 14, 2012 Session Report

Another great week attendance-wise, with 12 present and accounted for:  Neville, Doug, Tim, Mike, Patrick, Jay, Scott (back for a second time), Ben, Greg, Kay, Rembert and myself.  We split into three groups for most of the evening.  Games played were:  Quarriors, King of Tokyo (2 plays), Automobile, Poseidon, Shadow Hunters and Coyote.

The one group that got the most games in (because they were playing shorter games) was Doug, Neville, Kay and Rembert.  They started off with Quarriors, which Rembert (who I know had seen the game played but believe it was his first play) winning, using the power of a creature I don't recall seeing before that actually took points away from other players.  Final scores were Rembert 13, Doug 9, Neville 8, Kay 0 -- yes, Kay had scored some points but lost it to Rembert's unique creature/spell, which I now need to check out.

This same group then played two games of King of Tokyo.  Doug actually won both games, one with 15 points and the second by being the last left alive.  They then had time for a game of Shadow Hunters, and my notes have the team of Neville and Rembert winning but Neville "died" in the process.

The Automobile game was a four-player (as were just about all the games).  Greg took out two loans early on, and it turned out to be the right play has he got more production and eventually more income in a game that saw relatively few loss cubes handed out.  Greg benefited from the conservative play of the other players to win by a wide margin:  Greg 4610, Patrick 3940, John 3810, Tim 3520.  We then had about 20-30 minutes left and wrapped up with a game of Coyote that was won by Tim, with Greg second, Patrick third after yours truly was the first to be eliminated.

The other group got in a game of Poseidon that barely finished by 9.  Very close scores, very similar counts to the Automobile game, interestingly.  Jay (3885) nosed out Scott (3835), with Ben (3509) coming ahead of Mike (3369), a bit of a surprise since Mike is probably the most experienced player at this game.

Anyway, another great session.  I believe this makes four successive weeks of a dozen or more, no doubt a club record. Let's keep it up.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 7, 2012 Session Report

Another really strong turnout, a total of 14 people which meant 3 or 4 games at some times.  The attendance list included Greg, Mike, Eric, Neville, Jay, Alex, Tim, Doug H, Patrick, Rembert, John B (at the Laurel club for the first time), Kay, Doug M and myself.  Games played:  Power Grid - Atollo Modulis; Lords of Waterdeep; Endeavor; Homesteaders; Show Manager, and Puerto Rico.

Power Grid-Atollo Modulis (hope I got the name right) is a modular Power Grid board with islands on it.  The board we played with had some high connection costs, so board position was even more important than usual.  I trailed from very early in the game and never caught up.  Final cities powered count:  Eric 17 Mike and Greg 15 John W 12.  Mike edged Greg for second on the money tiebreak.

Endeavor was a three-player, won by Jay (61) just ahead of Alex (58) with Rembert (45) in third.  I believe it was the first play for both Alex and Rembert.

Lords of Waterdeep, another three-player, scores were Neville 156, Tim 140, Doug H 132.

The last game to start up was Homesteaders.  Doug M won that one, with a score of 56, ahead of John B (51), Patrick (48), Kay (30).  I believe it was Kay's first play while everyone else had played before.

Two more games were played to wrap up the evening.  I managed to come out on top in a four-player Show Manager.  Scores were John W 59, Greg 41, Neville 35, Doug H 32.

Then, in a 5-player Puerto Rico, the winner was Mike (47).  Other scores were Eric 39, Tim 37, Rembert 30, Jay 27.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May 31, 2012 Session Report

Another strong week attendance-wise, with three first-time attendees to bring the total up to 12 this week.  New attendees were Scott, Joe and Jimmy, who joined Mike, Tim, Neville, Alex, Ben, Kay, Rembert, Eugene and myself for a session that included the following games:  7 Wonders, Small World, Quarriors, Power Grid and Puerto Rico.

Started the evening with 7 players, so we played 7 Wonders.  This resulted in a win for Alex.  Scores were Alex 64, Kay 54, Ben 52, Neville 48, Mike 47, John 47, Tim 41.

We split into three groups for the next series of games. First of these to finish was Small World, won by Joe (51) to 49 for Eugene and 48 for Neville.  Eugene had to leave at this point, so then Joe and Neville played a 2-player Quarriors.  Joe had the early lead but Neville came from behind to win, 20 to 16.

The Puerto Rico game was a 4-player.  It was Scott, Tim, Rembert and myself, and I believe it was Rembert's first game.  He did well by not finishing last and not being that far behind.  Final score counts:  John 47, Tim 43, Rembert 41, Scott 34.

The other game played was Power Grid, using the US map.  It was a five-player.  Winner was Mike.  No tiebreakers needed, as everyone had a different number of cities powered at game-end:  Mike 16, Kay 15, Alex 14, Jimmy 12 and Ben 10.

Off to a good start with great attendance numbers over the past couple of weeks.  Let's keep it up!