Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 19, 2011 Session Report

Nice turnout for this week's session, we had nine gamers: Paul, Mike, Ron, Rodney, Doug H, Tim, Don, Brian and myself. We had two games going throughout the session.

First up was a game of Roll through the Ages that was unfinished once more people showed up. We then split into two groups. One game was Ascension, won by Mike (56) Rodney (45) and Doug, who brought the game (43). This group was joined by Don for a game of Puerto Rico, which came down to the tiebreaker. Don won over Rodney (each with 50 points) on the basis of having one more coin/good. Mike (44) was third, followed by Doug (38).

The other group played Settlers. I scored a rare victory in this game after it looked like Tim had the upper hand. The players and scores were: John (10), Paul and Tim (6) and Ron (5). I believe it was Ron's first time playing this game.

Next games were Pastiche and Vegas Showdown. Pastiche was won by Rodney (39) followed by Paul (32), Doug (31) and Don (23). Another great job of teaching the game to new players by Doug. Vegas Showdown was another runaway win for Brian, who had won a game last week as well. Scores: Brian 59 John 37 Don 36 Tim 35 Mike 30

Last two games were 7 Wonders and the cooperative game, Forbidden Island. 7 Wonders was a triumph for Don (with a nice score of 63 points). Others: Rodney 58 Tim 54 Mike 45 Paul 44. Forbidden Island, the four of us (Brian, Doug, Ron and myself) tried real hard but the waters kept rising and rising, so we lost. Thus ended the session.

Monday, May 16, 2011

May 12, 2011 Session Report

We had a good post-Game Days attendance, with nine showing up: Paul S, Mike, Alan (whom we hadn't seen for some time), Doug H, Tim, Brian, Doug M, myself and (back for the second week in a row), Paul J. For the first time in awhile, no 7 Wonders games were played, and we had two games going for the entire session. Games played: Pastiche, Power Grid - Japan, Race for the Galaxy, Homesteaders, Vegas Showdown and For Sale.

Pastiche was a three-player, won by Alan (49) with Doug H a close second (48), and Paul S. was third (33).

Power Grid-Japan was a five-player, I managed to build to 15 for the win with one dollar to spare. Others: Tim (12) in second ahead of Doug M (also 12), while Mike and Brian, each with 11 cities, brought up the rear.

Race for the Galaxy used the Gathering Storm expansion. Winner was Paul J. (38) just in front of Paul S. (36). Doug H was third and last with 26 but the best of the non-Pauls in that one. This same group went on to play Homesteaders, another win for Paul J (66) to Doug's 49 and Paul S. (41) and wrapped up the evening with For Sale, with Paul J. going on to win three in a row (77 to 59 for Doug, 51 for the other Paul).

The other table finished up with Power Grid and moved on to Vegas Showdown. Scores: Brian 63 Doug M 54 Tim 48 John 45 Mike 40.

May 5, 2011 Session Report

I was at Game Days, but there was a club session, and here's the report:

Six in attendance, including two first-time club attendees: Paul J. and Eric, who joined Paul S., Mike, Tim and Patrick. Two games of 7 Wonders were played, and also Carson City. Scores on those games were:

7 Wonders, game 1: Mike 55 Patrick 54 Tim 45 Paul S. 45

Carson City: Patrick 47 Mike 40 Paul S. 30 Tim 25

7 Wonders, game 2: Mike 63 Paul S. 58 Paul J. 56 Patrick 45 Tim 43 Ed 41

Footnote on this last game: Mike had the Mannekin (B side), and there was a question of how you interpret the wonder, so the win may have come with an asterisk because of this.

Monday, May 2, 2011

April 28, 2011 Session Report

Good attendance again this week, as Eric brought his two sons (Ryan and Nathan), joining Mike, Paul, Tim, Patrick, Doug M and myself for an evening of gaming. Games played: Monopoly Deal, Cheeky Monkey, Agricola, Too Many Cooks, Innovation and 7 Wonders.

Monopoly Deal is a quick-playing card game based on Monopoly. I managed to win by being the first to collect three sets of color-coded properties (aided by a Wild Card property or two). The others in this game were Eric, Ryan, Mike and Paul.

Next up was Cheeky Monkey. Eric won this one. Scores: Eric 23, Tim 17, Ryan 15, Paul 13, John 9, Mike a big zero.

After these two games, we split into two groups. One table engaged in an exciting game of Agricola. It took slightly over two hours (fairly quick for that game) and the scores were Doug M 37, Paul 27, Tim 24, Patrick (who brought the game) 15. I believe it was Tim's first time playing the game.

The other table played a game of Too Many Cooks. The winner was Nathan (21), followed by John (19), Mike (14), Eric (11) and Ryan (4). Nice job by Nathan, the youngest player in the game.

At this point and Eric and his kids (he also brought younger daughter Rebecca who deigned not to play with the rest of us) took their leave, which left two of us (Mike and I) waiting for the Agricola game to finish. We opted for a two-player Innovation. Mike won, 6 - 2, taking all the point-based achievements while I could manage just two of the Specials via short-cut Dogma effects.

That left six of us to wrap up the evening with a final game of 7 Wonders. It came down to the tiebreakers, as it was a tie for first, tie for third and a tie for fifth. Final scores of this very close game: Tim 55, Paul 55, Mike 54, John 54, Doug M 46, Patrick 46. Congratulations to Tim for winning this one with a well-balanced scoring consisting of Guilds, blue cards and Military.\

Next week is Games Days, so I suspect I will not make it back in time for the club session. Left some scoresheets and attendance forms, expecting a full report from those who do attend.