Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 21, 2011 Session Report

We had good attendance of ten for this week's session. Mike, Tim, Eric, Doug M, Doug H, Ethan (making his first appearance at our club), Brian, Patrick, Erik and myself were the players. We had two games going on at once for most of the session, and it turned out there were just two winners tonight, Brian and Eric, with Brian going undefeated.

At one table, Ethan, Brian, Doug H and I played a new game from the Mensa convention called Pastiche which Doug had brought. It was about matching colors, had some trading involved, then completing works of art by various painters to see who could score the most points. Final score counts: Brian 39, John 37, Ethan 33, Doug H 30. Erik joined us for the next game, which was Hoity Toity. Brian won that one by one space with John second, followed by Ethan, Doug and Erik. Brian kept his winning streak going by taking a four-player Cloud Nine, passing Doug on the final turn. Scores: Brian 56, Doug H 51, Ethan 42, John 26.

Meanwhile, at the other table, there was a five-player game of Automobile. Eric, who had not played before, won with a very good score of 5330, followed by Patrick (4320), Doug M (4100), Tim (3960) and Mike (3710). I believe it was Tim's first game, while the others had played before. Next up, the group started but abandoned a game of Innovation, then went for 7 Wonders. Final scores: Eric 57 Doug M 53 Tim 52 Mike 33.

Not being one to rest on his laurels (ooh, bad pun, given where we were playing), Eric joined the four of us at the other table for one more game of Cloud Nine to wrap up the evening's festivities. It came down to Brian and Eric, the two players who had won all their preceding games, and Brian won by a narrow margin. Final count: Brian 52, Eric 49, Doug H 39, John 35, Ethan 24. A big 25-point balloon trip helped Brian win that game.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 14, 2011 Session Report

Six for this week's session: Patrick, Paul, Tim, Brian, Doug M and myself. Only had time for two games: Shogun (brought by Patrick) and then the obligatory 7 Wonders.

Shogun, we got through one of three scoring rounds and did not finish. Scores at that point: John 23, Patrick 20, Tim 14, Paul 9, Brian 8.

The 7 Wonders game wound up in a win for Doug. Scores were Doug 59, Tim 53, Paul 50, Patrick 49, Brian 47, John 43. Paul scored 32 points just from Guilds alone.

Monday, April 11, 2011

April 7, 2011 Session Report

Six showed for this week's session, and Mike, Paul, Doug H, Tim, Don and I played a total of four games: Ascension, Lost Cities, Power Grid - Spain and 7 Wonders.

Ascension, which Doug had brought, was a four-player game with an extremely close finish. Final scores: Doug 54, John 53, Paul 52, Mike 49.

Don and Tim arrived a few minutes late and played a couple of hands of Lost Cities. Word has it Don prevailed.

Then, all six of us played Power Grid with one of the newer maps, Spain, which had some interesting rules. It was a very close game, everyone finished with either 15 or 14 cities powered the final turn. The top three were: John 15/64, Paul 15/47, Don 15/25. However, Don had the capacity to power 16 but was a dollar short of making the connection that would have won him the game.

Wrapped up with another 7 Wonders game, won by Mike. Scores: Mike 55, John 51, Tim 50, Doug 45, Paul 40, Don 38.

Monday, April 4, 2011

March 31, 2011 Session Report

Six in attendance this week: Mike, Paul, Tim, Doug M, Patrick and myself. Games played: Speicherstadt, London, Puerto Rico, Ticket to Ride - Switzerland and the new second edition of 7 Wonders (which Mike had brought). Some details follow.

First up was The Speicherstadt, five-player game, very close scores (for four of us, at least): Mike 25 Paul 25 Doug 25 Tim 24 John 14. Mike won on the money tiebreaker, while Paul and Doug tied for second.

Patrick arrived, so we split into two groups for the next round of games. Three of us elected to play London. Final scores: Doug 89 John 55 Patrick 16. Not a real close one as Doug managed to build the most districts and ran away with the game.

The other group of three got in two games in the same time frame. Puerto Rico wound up a win for Mike: 60 to 45 (Paul) and 44 (Tim). Ticket to Ride-Swiss was a blowout win for Mike, with Tim second and Paul conceding after being blocked from several key runs.

The final game of the evening was a five-player 7 Wonders. Mike had brought the new edition, which included the eighth Wonder expansion as well as some new components but the rules were basically the same. Tim emerged the winner, preventing a four-game sweep for the evening by Mike. Final score count: Tim 65 Doug 60 Mike 55 John 53 Paul 39.

March 24, 2011 Session Report

Unfortunately, I missed this session and had to rely on the recollections of those who attended. Attendance was at five -- Eugene, Paul, Tim, Don and one other -- possibly Bryan, can't say for sure. Games played: Vegas Showdown, For Sale and Puerto Rico. No report on the scores or the winners.

CORRECTION: I believe from subsequent conversations that the fifth attendee at this session was Erik, not Bryan.