Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 23, 2015 Session Report

An even dozen for this week's session. The participants were Ben, Mike, Tim, Doug, Neville, Rouslan, Eugene, Lina, Rembert, Will, Paul and myself. Games played included Automobile, Sons of Anarchy, Hive and Harbour.

Automobile was a five-player, with one new player (Ben) who had not played the game before. Turns out, the new player won! Final scores: Ben 4390, John 3930, Mike 3890, Tim 3380, Eugene 2700. Three of us (Tim, Eugene and I) were saddled with loans that hurt our final scores.

Sons of Anarchy was also a five-player. No details here except the final score report, which was Doug 28, Lina and Rembert 27, Neville 16 Rouslan 12.

Will and Paul arrived a bit after the others but did get in a couple of 2-player games: Hive (won by Paul) and Harbour (won by Will, 29 to 23).

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 16, 2015 Session Report

Count of 15 in attendance for this session: Eugene, Mike, Rouslan, Tim, Rembert, Zak, Ben, David, Greg, Doug, Erin, Neville, Lina, Paul and myself were the attendees -- have Zak and Erin down for three attendances which makes them eligible for GCOM Associate Memberships. Had a bit of trouble keeping up, but the list of games played included Roll for the Galaxy, Firely, Show Manager, Dead of Winter, Castles of Mad King Ludwig and Baseball Highlights 2045.

Scores and details (if available) follow.

Roll for the Galaxy was a five-player, won by Tim, who forced the game-end by building to 12. Final scores were Tim 40, myself 36, Eugene 33, Mike 29, Rouslan 24.

Firefly was won by Doug. Other players were Greg, Neville and Rembert.

Show Manager, scores were Line 49, David 48, Zak 45, Erin 37, Ben 35. Lina must still be unbeaten at this game ...

Dead of Winter, I heard was a co-operative that all the players lost.

Mad Castles of King Ludwig was won by Tim with 95, followed closely by Rouslan (94), Mike (71) and Paul (66).

Eugene and I played Baseball Highlights, which did not quite finish but Eugene was ahead, 3-2, in the best-of-seven final series when time ran out.

Seems to me I may have missed a game or two, I believe the group that played Firefly got in a second game but I have no record of it. So, that's the report as of now.

Reminder that Games Club of Maryland will be running a booth at the Laurel Main Street Festival, second Saturday in May, from around 10 AM to 4 PM. Open-air gaming in a festival-like atmosphere, what could be more fun?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 9, 2015 Session Report

Thirteen for this week's session: Mike, John W, David, Greg, Ben, Zak, Matt, Lina, Bill (long-time gamer who was making his first appearance here), Alex (whome we haven't seen for awhile), Eugene, Rembert and myself were the attendees. The following games were played: Best Treehouse Ever, California Gold, Brew Crafters, Machi Koro, Firefly and San Juan.

Best Treehouse Ever was a four-player, won by Mike (43) with Greg a close second (42), followed by Zak (34) and John W (31). These same four kept playing more games: Machi Koro, won by Zak, and then Firefly, won by Greg. I also have Mike, Greg and John W down as playing a three-player San Juan, no results (perhaps the game did not finish).

Brew Crafters was a four-player, including Ben, Bill, Eugene and myself. All but Bill had played before. We didn't quite finish, barely getting into the third year before time ran out. Scores when we picked up the game were John 62, Eugene 56. Ben 43, Bill 29.

California Gold made its third appearance in as many weeks, this time with the Northern Counties expansion. The result was a four-way tie and the winner was Matt (with 44 money) followed by David (22), Lina (11) and Alex (0), all with 12. Rembert was the only one not to make it to 12, ending with 9. I believe Alex and Matt were new to the game, so a good first-time win for Matt.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 2, 2015 Session Report

Pleased to report record attendance (at least for Thursday night sessions) at the Laurel club, with a total of 18 in attendance. The list includes David, Mike, Greg, Tim, Patrick, Eugene, Ben, Neville, Erin (back for a second session), Lina, Doug, Paul, Rembert. Moshe and myself, plus three first-time attendees: Daniel, Jedson and Scott. I spent some time scrolling through the archives and could find a couple of Thursday sessions in the 15-16 range, and then I recall one time we had a special Saturday session that attracted 20. Anyway, with all these people and four games going on at once, it was hard to keep up, but here's a list of what was played: Machi Koro, California Gold (played twice), Founding Fathers, Friday the 13th, Sys Hack, Dungeon Roll, Power Grid Deluxe (North America map) and Baseball Highlights 2045. Some details follow.

Machi Koro was a three-player, won by Mike (7) to Tim (6) in second with Eugene (4) third. I believe this was selected because Eugene had to leave early and requested a "short" game.

California Gold was back for a second week in a row and was well received once again, as far as I could tell. It was played twice by the same group of five players. Game one, won by Erin with Ben second, Patrick third, Doug and David tied for fourth. Game two, won by David, with Ben second, Erin ahead of Patrick for third, Doug last.

Founding Fathers was another five-player, won by Greg (20) with Neville close behind at 19, then Scott (best of the new players) next at 18. Then, Lina was 12 but ahead of me (at 9). I got 6 VPs from Ben Franklin to lead after the first round, but petered out after failing to gain any debate tokens the whole game.

Next game I have a report for is Power Grid-Deluxe, played with the North America map. It was a five-player, with a three-way tie at the end (16 cities apiece) won by Mike (102 money) over Tim (30) and Paul (10). Rembert (14 cities powered) and Jedson (13) were the other players.

David and Moshe arrived a bit later but got in a couple of games. One was Friday the 13th (no report on who won), and then I believe Paul's game (Sys Hack) also made an appearance.

Finally, with around a half hour left in the session, I introduced Lina, Scott and Neville two Baseball Highlights 2045. We only got in a couple of games, played simultaneously. Scott managed a 2-1 win over Neville's team, while Lina managed a 4-1 win over me.