Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 24, 2014 Session Report

Wow, a big jump in attendance to 14 (!) for this week's session.  Attendees were Mike, John B, Patrick, Tim, Alex, Matt A (a first-time attendee), Ben A, Ben H, Eugene, Eric, Doug, Rembert, Neville and myself.  This meant we have three tables of games going for just about the entire session.  Games played:  Sushi Go (x2), Cheeky Monkey, Splendor, Dream Factory, Dark Horse, Power Grid-China and Settlers of Catan.

Hard to keep track of this three-ring circus, but here goes for some details on the games played.

Sushi Go:  John B 37, Ben A 36, Tim 33, Alex 32, Mike 31.
Cheeky Monkey:  Eugene 30, Matt 24, John W 12, Doug and Patrick 9, Eric 3
Splendor:  Ben H 17, Neville 15, Rembert 11
Dream Factory:  John W 70, Doug 68, Eugene 67, Matt 66, Alex 44
Dark Horse (unfinished):  Ben H 13, Patrick 11, Rembert 9, Neville 7
Power Grid-China:  John B 16 (12 money), Eric 16 (6 money), Mike 15, Tim 12 (68 money), Ben 12 (4 money)
and a second game of Sushi-Go:  Mike 42, John B 37, Tim 27, Eric 26

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 17, 2014 Session Report

Eight for this week's session; Tim, Mike, Alec, Rouslan, Neville, Rembert, Alex and myself were the attendees.  We played the following games:  Splendor, Coup, Power Grid:  Korea, Quantum and Cloud Nine.

Splendor was 4-player, won by Mike.  Scores were Mike 16, Rouslan 15, Alec 12, Tim 6.

Coup was a 3-player, won by Neville, with Rembert second, I was last (knocked out first).

Rouslan joined us for Quantum, and he won -- first to five -- while the rest of us (Neville, Rembert and I) tied for second with 4.

Alex joined in for Cloud Nine.  Neville was the big winner, benefiting from a couple of the "Wild" cards.  Scores:  Neville 56, Rembert 41, John 34, Rouslan 27, Alex 25.

Last game to finish was Power Grid:  Korea, three players plus one of the tougher Robot configurations.  Final scores:  Tim 17 (winning on the money tiebreaker with 40), Mike 17 (with 26 money), Robot 16, Alec 15.  The robot, which was instructed to build three cities, triggered the end of the game and managed to finish ahead of one of the human players ... first time I have seen that happen.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 10, 2014 Session Report

Good group of nine for this week's session.  We had one first-time attendee (Clair) along with Mike, Ben H, Tim, Alex, Rembert., John B, second-time attendee Rich, and myself.  We played four different games (two of them three times), for a total of eight games in all:  Splendor (x3), Puerto Rico, Gipsy King and Money (x3).  Results follow.

Splendor Game 1:  Mike 16  John W 10 Claire 5 Ben H 4
Puerto Rico:  Alex 51 John B 48 Tim 47 Rich 32 Rembert 28
Splendor Game 2:  Mike 15 John W 13 Claire 5 Ben H score withheld
Splendor Game 3:  Tim 16  Rembert 13 John B 12 Rich 8
Money Game 1:  Ben H 710 Mike 500 John W 470 Claire 350
Money Game 2:  Ben H 620 Rich 440 John W 210
Money Game 3:  Ben H 940 John W 820 Rich 500

In the last money game, I  finally have a score that would have beaten Ben in games one and two, and he still manages to come out on top!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 3, 2014 Session Report

Eleven for this week's session, with regulars Mike, Patrick, Eric, Ben H, Jack, Alex, Matt and myself joined by three first-time attendees:  Jeff and two more Mikes who shall be known as Michael and Mike Brown to distinguish them from Co-Host Mike Brazinski.  Games played:  Settlers of Catan, Power Grid:  Northern Europe, Match of the Season, Homesteaders and two more games of Splendor.

Results of the games:

Settlers was a quick win for Ben H.  Scores:  Ben H 10, Matt 4, Patrick 3.  Patrick had some bad die rolls, I was told.
Power Grid - Northern Europe (the one version where you switch out the regular plants with some others) was a win for Jack.  Scores:  Jack (13/62), Jeff 2d on the money tiebreaker (13/23) with Eric and Mike with just 10 plants powered but alot more money.  Someone (Jack probably) must have built out to win.

I was pleased to get in a game of my soccer-themed game, Match of the Season, which puts the players in the role of coach and general manager of a soccer team.  We got in two seasons, and Michael and I tied with 6 pts with Alex (who won the league in the 2nd season) next with 4 followed by Mike Brown at 2.  Michael did well to get into the semis of the Euro Cup in the second season, so I declared him the winner although there was no tiebreaker specified in the rules.

Ben H continued his winning streak in the second round of games, winning Homesteaders which Patrick had brought.  Final scores:  Ben H 46, Patrick 36, Matt 34.

Seven of us split into two random groups to play Splendor (fortunately we had two copies on hand) -- note, in the past, all seven might have played 7 Wonders but Splendor seems to be the quick-play game of choice in recent weeks.

Game 1 -- Eric 16 Alex 9 John 5
Game 2 -- Jack 17 Mike Braz. 11 Michael 8; Mike B 5

Looks like Ben H and Jack were the big winners on the night, with Jack probably becoming the first player to defeat three Mikes in one game at the club, probably a dubious distinction.