Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 30, 2013 Session Report

Nine again for this week's session, with Ben, Tim, Mike, Eric, Ryan, and Neville (who has been away for awhile) plus myself along with Alison and Brad (back for their second session) in attendance.  Games played were Fleet, Agricola:  All Creatures Great and Small, Power Grid - Spain and 7 Wonders (played twice).

Fleet is a fishing-themed card game that I had learned recently.  Final scores in this four-player game were John 63, Neville 61, Tim 51, Rembert 48.

Brad and Alison were the protagonists in the 2-player Agricola game, All Creatures Great and Small, scores were Brad 45, Alison 35.

Finishing just after Agricola was the Power Grid game, won by Eric on the money tiebreaker from Mike.  Scores:  Eric 17 (56), Mike 17 (23), Ben 16, Ryan 15.

The evening wrapped up with two games of 7 Wonders.  First was a six-player, won by Neville with an excellent score of 71.  Second was Brad (67), followed by Rembert (59), John (56), Tim (40) and Alison (46).

Mike joined us for the second game.  This time Rembert was the winner with 65.  Other scores:  Alison (60), Mike (53), John and Neville (49), Brad and Tim (40).

I will be out of town for a few days so if you don't see me next week, Mike will fill in as Co-Host.

Monday, May 27, 2013

May 23, 2013 Session Report

We had nine attendees this week, including two first-time attendees, Alison and Brad, who had just moved to the Laurel area.  Others were Doug, Mike, Ben, Tim, Alex, Rembert and myself.  We played a total of five games:  Puerto Rico, Settlers of Catan - Germany, the Settlers dice game, Tzolkin:  The Mayan Calendar game and Gemlok.  We had at least two games in progress for almost the entire session.

At one table, Rembert had a really good evening.  In a very close Settlers - Germany game, he came from behind to win after Doug and I had threatened victory.  In the end, Rembert placed his ninth point on the board and then flipped a 1 VP card for his tenth point to claim the win.  At the time, I had 9 VP on the board but none in hand.  Doug and Ben, the other players, also had 9 VP -- one in hand plus 8 on the board, so any one of us was poised to win the game had Rembert not done so.  Then, Doug, Rembert and I played Gemlok, which Doug had brought.  It was another close finish.  I triggered the endgame while ahead, but everyone had one more turn so Rembert managed to come from behind to win another close game.  Final scores were Rembert 48, John 45, Doug 41.

The other table started up with a game of Puerto Rico, which for some reason I missed out on.  It was another nail-biting finish, with Alex edging Mike by one, 44 to 43, followed by Tim with 36.  (Mike had originally thought he had won on the tiebreak until a recount showed Alex with one more point.)  By this time Alison and Brad had arrived, and they bided the time for the next game by playing the very quick Settlers dice game, which Brad won.  Then they joined Mike and Tim for Tzolkin.  The game did not quite finish and was scored at the 3/4 mark, before any monuments could be procured.  Anyway, this truncated game had Brad as the winner, with 38 to 32 for Alison, followed by Mike (27) and Tim (13).

It's good to see some new people who are gamers moving into the area, so I hope to see both Alison and Brad at future sessions.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 16, 2013 Session Report

There were seven of us for this week's session:  Mike, Alex, Tim, Doug, Rembert, Ping and myself.  We played a total of five different games:  Cloud Nine, Puerto Rico, Lords of Waterdeep, Tsuro and For Sale (played twice).

Mike, Alex, Tim and I were the first to arrive, so we started a game of Cloud Nine (which had been the last game of the prior week's session).  Doug joined in a few minutes later, but by then Alex and Tim were off to a strong start and they finished 1-2.  Scores:  Alex 53, Tim 40, Mike was third, Doug and I were even further back.

We then split into two groups.  Four of us played Puerto Rico, and once again Alex was victorious.  The scores in that game were Alex 44, Rembert 33, Doug 32, John 25.  A forgettable game for me where nothing seemed to work, including getting the Guild Hall late but not getting it manned ....

The four of us then locked horns in a game of Tsuro while waiting for the other group to finish.  This time I managed to win and the results were the opposite of the prior game:  John first, Doug second, Rembert third, Alex fourth.  I even had one more tile I could play after everyone else crashed out.

The Lords of Waterdeep game was very competitive, and Peng won with a builder strategy:  Peng 134, Mike 129 Tim 120.

There was still time left in the session, and the four of us that remained got in a couple of games of For Sale.  First game ended in a tie between Rembert and myself, and we checked and the tiebreaker in the rules was most money, which favored me as I had more left over from the earlier bidding round.  Doug won with a really good score in game two.

Game 1:  John and Rembert, 63K; Doug 54K; Mike 50K.
Game 2:  Doug 71K; John 58K; Rembert 57K; Mike 53K.

Final reminder:  This Sunday, May 19th, there will be a gaming table set up by our sister club at the Beltsville Community.  It's part of the annual Beltsville Day event there.  The time is 12 Noon - 5 PM at the CC in Beltsville.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

May 9, 2013 Session Report

A bit behind on the weekly reports, but here's the one for last week's meeting.

Attendance of eight this time:  Mike, Doug, Tim, Eric, Nathan, Ryan, Rembert and myself were the attendees.  We played a total of four games:  7 Wonders, Settlers Explorers and Pirates, Lords of Waterdeep and Cloud Nine.

We started with 7 Wonders as Eric's two sons (Nathan and Ryan) had another engagement that evening.  The scores on that game were Doug (the winner) 58 Mike 55 Tim 53 John 49 Eric 44 Nathan 34 Ryan 33.

We then split into two groups of three for some longer games.  Doug, Rembert and I played the new Settlers expansion, Explorers and Pirates, although it was one of the shorter rules with the pirates being activated on a roll of 7.  Doug managed to win, I was second and Rembert third.

The other group played Lords of Waterdeep.  Tim one that one, 182 to 172 for Mike and 164 for Eric.

This left us with around 20 - 30 minutes left in the session, time for a quick game of Cloud Nine.  Eric managed to win, 51 points.  Doug (40), John and Rembert (tied at 30) were the other participants.

Saturday was the Laurel Main St. Festival, which went well despite some soggy weather early in the morning.  Rodney and I ran the booth for GCOM and Eric, Nathan and Ryan joined us, and I got to play a couple of games with Sarah (a regular attendee at the club from years back) and her mother, Joan, who also attended at one time.  A good time was had by all.

This coming Sunday, from Noon to 5, there were will be a similar event at Beltsville Community Center (as part of the annual Beltsville Day), except it will be indoors.  Hope to be there as well.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 2, 2013 Session Report

We had six on hand for this past week's session:  Mike, Tim, Ben, Patrick, Rembert and myself.  Only one game played, and it was a new one, Chicken Caesar, which I had just bought.  Mike proved to be the best able to negotiate his four roosters through the politics of the chicken coop.  Final scores:  Mike 51  John 39  Tim 35  Ben 33  Patrick 22 Rembert 20.  Patrick and Rembert were down to just one live rooster by the end of the game, and their scores likely were hurt as a result.

A reminder:  this coming Saturday is the Laurel Main Street Festival, and once again GCOM will be running a booth there from 9 AM to 4 PM.  Rodney, who hosts at the other Laurel location, and I will be manning the booth.  Stop in and join us as we expect to have several tables of games set up.