Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 22, 2011 Session Report

It was kind of a down week weather-wise and also attendance-wise. Five (Tim, Mike, Neville, Eric S and I) so that meant only one game going for the entire session. We wound up playing two games: Power Grid (Brazil map) and 7 Wonders (without the Leaders expansion, since we were a bit pressed for time).

Both games were won by Mike, but both were fairly close. Power Grid was a three-way tie at 16 cities, with Mike taking it on the money tiebreak. Final scores were Mike (16/48), Eric (16/7), John (16/5), Neville (14) and Tim (12). Neville had tons of cash left over but lacked the plant capacity to contend. Mike started in a nice central location and effectively hemmed the rest of us in until Stage 2 was reached. Eric and Tim started along the Coast in the South, Neville and I up North, and at times we all had problems reaching new city locations. Interesting and well-played game.

7 Wonders actually had somewhat lower scores than we have seen recently, or maybe I have been spoiled by seeing the high scores possible with the Leaders variant. Mike won with a score of 56, which sometimes doesn't get you in the top three. The rest of the group was Eric 54, Neville 52, Tim 43 and I had a miserable game winding up with 38.

Hoping for a bigger turnout next week.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 15, 2011 Session Report

Total of eight for this week's session. Tim, Doug H, Mike, Neville, Rembert, Alex, Patrick and myself were the attendees. We broke into two groups that wound up being on different time sequences for most of the evening.

Game 1: Mermaid Rain. Players were John, Doug, Neville, Tim and Mike. Tim thought the game had some clever mechanics. Mike was looking for a more "manly game" and seemed disappointed when Puerto Rico broke out at the other table. Final scores were really close, except for Mike who brought up the rear: John 56, Tim 55, Neville 53, Doug 51, Mike 47. I believe Neville and Tim were new to the game, playing it for the first time.

Game 2: Puerto Rico. Rembert was a spectator for awhile, but then Alex and Patrick showed and they got into a three-player PR. Alex, who is pretty good at the game, won with 42. Patrick (26) and Rembert (24) were left competing for a distant second.

Game 3: Vegas Showdown. Same five as for Mermaid Rain. First time for Neville. Mike got his revenge for the first game with a close, one-point margin of victory. Final scores: Mike 67, John 66, Doug 58, Neville 48, Tim 45. Mike's notes say "Neville gets [the] no whiner award." Not sure what that means, except maybe that the four us not named Neville were doing some whining during the game.

Hope to see everyone this coming week.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 8, 2011 Session Report

Only five for this week's session: Mike, Greg, Patrick, Neville and myself. Only had one table going, which means we got in just two games -- Quarriors and Founding Fathers. Since Quarriors only plays four, I sat out and kibitzed on the game. Mike got out to a quick lead but faded quickly. Neville, who has been teaching the game to some middle schoolers, was doing well while Patrick, who had also played before, had a longer term strategy. I believe Greg pulled out the win, having a huge seven-point turn as Neville failed to knock out his big creature. Interesting game, can see why it's popular -- kind of like Dominion with dice.

Next game (and final game of the night) was Founding Fathers. We barely finished. Final scores were John 16, Neville 12, Patrick 11, Greg and Mike 10. Enjoyed the game alot, I had the advantage of having played the game alot, but also getting George Washington and Ben Franklin in my starting hand did not hurt!

Hope to see a bump up in our flagging attendance next week.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 1, 2011 Session Report

Good turnout, resulting in total attendance of 10. One new attendee, Philip, joined us for the first time. We also had Doug H, Neville, Jonathan, Paul, Mike, Patrick, Greg, Rembert and myself. Good to see Jonathan and Greg who had been away for awhile. Turns out it that this week may be Paul's last time at the club as he is moving out of the area soon.

We played a total of five games: 7 Wonders (basic version), A Few Acres of Snow, Union Pacific, Ascension and Black Friday. I wound up being occupied for just about the entire evening in an intense two-player game with Greg, Martin Wallace's latest release called A Few Acres of Snow, which is the British vs. the French in the pre-Revolutionary French and Indian War. The game takes the deck-building mechanic of Dominion to a new level, where you have a board and pieces, using the cards to improve one's position on the map. It was a really close game that we were worried would not quite finish by the 9 PM closing hour. With just time for a few turns left, we began counting points and I had a six-point lead (61 to 55). But then Greg extended the game by launching a couple of well-timed sieges that cut my margin to nothing. Then, on the final turn, he added a point to claim a hard-fought 58-57 victory. Both of us enjoyed the game alot, and expect to see it hit the table again.

Since I wasn't involved in the other games, will just report the scores from the scoresheets without any comments:

7 Wonders: Paul 56 Jonathan 49 Neville and Patrick 47 Mike 42 Doug 40 -- it was Jonathan's first play

Union Pacific: Patrick 127 Phillip 115 Doug 92 Paul 80

Ascension: Doug 40 Paul 36 Phillip 35 Patrick 32

Black Friday: Jonathan 20 Mike 16 Neville 16 Rembert 12