Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 18, 2010

Good turnout for this week's session, as we had a total of nine. Included (for the first time at the Laurel CC) Laurel residents Lee and John Mewshaw, who had helped arrange for a joint Laurel-Columbia meeting in the spring of last year. Back after missing a few sessions were Neil and Tom, along with Mike, Greg, Paul, Patrick and myself. Games played: Carson City, London, Speicherstadt, Slide 5 and Cloud 9.

Patrick taught Carson City, joined by Neil, Tom and Paul. Final scores: Patrick 46 Paul 37 Neil 34 Tom 27. The other game was London, a three-player with Greg, Mike and myself. That wound up John 69 Mike 64 and Greg (eaten up by loans and poverty) at 19. Lee and John joined us for a 5-player Speicherstadt, which had John M. the winner (24) followed by Mike (17), Greg (13), John W (9) and Lee (5). Got to have some Firemen to put out those fires at the end of the game!

There was still time for one more game at each table after the longer games were concluded. Neil, Paul and Tom played Slide 5, final scores (remember low is best): Paul 32 Tom 94 Neil 96. The rest of us (Patrick had left by this time) played Cloud Nine, won by yours truly (51), then Greg (43), Lee (42), John M (30) and Mike (26).

Next club session will not be for two weeks due to Thanksgiving holidays. Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 11, 2010

No session report for the prior week (November 4). Just about everyone who would have come, myself included, was at EuroQuest. See post here concerning this year's EuroQuest convention:

Post-EuroQuest, we had a good session as Nov. 11 happened to be Veterans Day, meaning a few people could come who might otherwise not have made it. We had a good attendance of eight: Clayton (back this time because his brother-in-law had the day off and was able to drive him to the session); Mike, Paul, Doug H, Greg, Patrick, Eugene and myself were the group. We split into two groups of four.

One group (Mike, Doug, Paul, Eugene) completed two games. First was Speicherstadt, which was won by Doug (23) on a tiebreak from Paul (23), Eugene (21) and Mike (20). Very close game. I like the unusual bidding mechanic but the game seems to end a bit too soon. Second game for this group was Settlers of America, and Doug once again was victorious. Looks like it was very close for second between Eugene, Mike and Paul.

The other group (Greg, Patrick, Clayton and myself) played Age of Empires III, which I had brought, at Greg's request. It took up most of the session time, and it turned out to be a very close finish between Greg and me. Final scores: John 116, Greg 108, Patrick 72, Clayton 40.

After the AoE III game, we still had some time left and decided to fool around with Martin Wallace's latest game, London, which I had received in the mail the day before. It was my second play (having learned it at EuroQuest), but Patrick had played the game like 4-5 times. Didn't get much out of the A deck, hope to play it again soon.