Monday, August 27, 2012

August 23, 2012 Session

Ten in attendance this week:  Mike, Tim, John B, Greg, Doug, Ben, Jay, Rembert, Eric S and myself.  We played three games:  Power Grid - Quebec, Quarriors (with the new Quarmageddon expansion and Lords of Waterdeep.  A few details follow.

Power Grid-Quebec is one of the new maps just published.  Mike won the game, powering 15 cities when no one else could power more than 12.  Also playing in this one were:  Greg (12 cities, 19 electros), John B (12 cities, 15 electros), Ben (12 cities, 14 electros), Tim (7 cities).

Quarriors with the new Quarmageddon expansion turned out to be a runaway win for Jay.  Final scores:  Jay 16, Rembert 9, John 8, Doug 6.  The four of us were joined by Eric for Lords of Waterdeep.  I had a fairly sizable lead for most of the game but could not hold as Jay also won that gone, fairly close scores as everyone topped 100:  Jay 121, John W 115, Doug and Rembert 111, Eric 104.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 16, 2012 Session Report

A bit of a down week, attendance-wise, only seven us:  Mike, Doug, Patrick, Jay, Neville, Rembert and myself.  We only got in three games:  For Sale, Blood Bowl Team Manager Card Game and Castles of Burgundy.

First up was For Sale, which three of us played while waiting for others to arrive.  Final scores:  John 77K, Doug 58K, Mike 55K.  Doubt I will ever have such a high score in the game ever again.

We then split into two groups.  Patrick, Neville and I played a game we had all played before, Blood Bowl-Team Manager Card game, it evolved to an intense battle with Patrick seizing an early lead that he was able to maintain all the way through until the end. Final scores were Patrick 47, Neville 34, yours truly last but with a respectable total of 31 fans.

The last game to finish was Castles of Burgundy, which Doug had brought and, with some new players as Doug did the teaching.  Doug did emerge as the final winner as the game just barely managed to finish by the 9 PM witching hour.  Final scores:  Doug 227, Mike 204, Jay 177, Rembert 167. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 9, 2012 Session Report

A bit late with this session report, but here goes ...

We had nine for the Aug. 9th session. Attendees were:  Jack, Doug, Mike, Hsien (new to the club, pronounced "Shane"), Ben, Jay, Rembert, John B and myself.  Games played:  Decathlon, Ticket to Ride - Asia (teams), Power Grid;  France and Qwirkle.

In honor of the Olympics and the 100th anniversary of the first Olympic decathlon (the final day of the decathlon in the real-life 2012 Olympics was that same day) I dusted off my AH Decathlon game and brought charts for all 20 prior Olympic gold medalists, from Jim Thorpe in 1912 to Brian Clay in 2008.  I invited each attendee to pick one but, we only got through one day's worth of competition.  The winner by just one point was Doug, with Erki Nool, who had a score of 4544 points, one more than Jack, who as Jim Thorpe had 4543.  Jim Thorpe was slowed by an injury in the second event, the long jump, or otherwise it would have been a runaway victory (sorry for the pun) for the first Olympic decathlon Champ.  Results for the rest of the field:  Ben (Nicolai Avilov), in bronze medal position at 4532 points, just 12 back of the winner; Hsien (Bruce Jenner), 4368; Mike (Bob Mathias), 4360: me (Bill Toomey), 4310; Jay (Paavo Yrjola), 4301; John B (Helge Lovland), 4287.

At this point Rembert had arrived, so we broke into two groups for the rest of the session.  One group played Power Grid-France, a five-player game.  Final scores were reported as Jay 15, Mike 12, with Ben, Rembert and John B all with 11 cities and finishing in that order on the money tiebreaker.

The rest of us got in two more games.  Jack and Doug teamed up against Hsien and I for a the team version of Ticket to Ride-Asia, which was a very close game that went to the Jack-Doug duo, 214 to 186.  Jack and Doug had the longest route, and both teams made 14 of 15 tickets.  We then played Qwirkle, a big win for Jack in that one:  Jack 116 Doug 108 John W 93 Hsien 69.

Thanks to everyone for coming, see you this week (later today as I write this)!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 2, 2012 Session Report

I was away at WBC and missed this session, but Co-Host Mike was on hand and filed this report:

"Tonight, we had 7 people at the club. They included Ben, Doug H, Patrick, Rembert, me and two newcomers Rob and Brandon (they saw our web page). We broke into two groups.

The first group (Ben, Rob, Brandon and me) played Power Grid with the US map. This was both Brandon and Rob's first time playing the game. Ben and I explained the game. The game was interesting as every power plant draw early on was for a very small plant. Ben and I debated on how quickly to buy the permanent plants. As it turned out, I got lucky with some draws toward the end. The game ended when I built 17 cities but could only power 14. This was still better than everyone else. The final scores were me with 14 powered cities, Brandon with 13, Rob with 12 and Ben with 10.

Patrick, Doug and Rembert started with Infiltration. Patrick had 17 points but got caught escaping . Doug won the game with 10 points and Rembert had 7. The three of them then started a game of Fresco but I don't have the final scores for that game."