Monday, February 21, 2011

February 17, 2011 Session Report

I am afraid this will have to be a very incomplete session report as I had to leave early due to a conflict with another event later that evening. Attendance remained strong, with at least ten of us (Paul, Patrick, Ron, Eric, Erik, Doug H, Mike, Greg, Brian and myself) present. One game played was 7 Wonders, but don't have access to the final scores. Hope to supplement this report with more details after I return from PrezCon, which is going to cause my absence again on the 24th. Hope to catch up when I return.

March 5, 2011 Update: Here are the results from games played on February 17.

7 Wonders: Paul 66 Doug 64 Erik 56 Greg 48 Mike 47 Ron (with an assist from John) 34

Power Grid (New Deck, Japan map): Ron 14/112, Mike 12/232, Eric 12/221, Doug 12/10, Greg 11/95

Monopoly Deal: Ron 3 Doug, Eric and Mike 0

Wits and Wagers: Greg 38 Ron 23 Doug 18 Mike 0

Looks like I might be missing a game or two for Paul, Erik, Brian and Patrick, but that's all I have in the way of results from Feb. 17.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 10, 2011 Session Report

We had attendance of 10 for this week's session, including one first-time attendee, Brian Burk. Also present were Ron, Paul, Mike, Doug H, Lee, Eric, Doug M, Patrick and myself. Games played: Glen More, Power Grid-Russia, 7 Wonders, Roll Through the Ages and Innovation. A brief report follows.

Paul, Ron, Patrick, Doug H and I played a new game that I had brought called Glen More. It was a tile-laying game a bit reminiscent of Alhambra where you placed some tiles, but here certain (usually the adjacent or touching tiles) were activated for production or movement. Anyway, the game seemed to go over fairly well. The winner was Ron with 54. Other scores were John 44, Patrick 42, Paul 38, Doug H 27.

The other game was Power Grid, using the Russia map. Turned out to be a close a competitive game, coming down to the money tiebreaker as three of the four players were able to power 17 cities on the final turn. Winner was Brian (17 cities/93 money), second Mike (17/73), then Eric (17/17) and finally Lee (16/92).

At this point there was alot of discussion as to what game to play next. There wound up being a couple of games of 7 Wonders, plus one Roll Through the Ages and then Innovation, which Doug M had brought. Roll Through the Ages was a 3-player, won by Doug on the most goods tiebreak with Ron in second and me in last.

7 Wonders Game #1: Paul 49 Patrick 47 Mike 46 Doug M 45 Brian 42 Eric 41 Lee 36.

7 Wonders Game #2: Eric 48 Lee 46 Paul 41 Doug H 34.

Finally, Doug M, Brian, Patrick and I fooled around with a game of Innovation but did not finish. I managed to get two achievements, Doug got one. The game was new to Brian and Patrick.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 3, 2011 Session Report

There were eight participants this week: Ron (whom we hadn't seen in awhile), Doug, Paul, Mike, John, Erik, Tim, Eugene and myself. Ron had brought K-2, a game about mountain-climbing, which was played twice, as was 7 Wonders. Also, a 5-player game of Puerto Rico broke out.

The first game of K-2 included Don, Ron and myself and it was brutal as the rough weather conditions and crowding as we tried to assault the summit led to some tragedy -- all three of us had to sacrifice one climber to try to maximize our potential. Ron was the first to get to the top, but he had trouble getting his climber back to the lower levels. Doug proved slow and steady was the wisest approach, getting both climbers in position before being forced to sacrifice one of them. Doug then got a man to the top, returned him safely for an additional three-point bonus. My climbers struggled, getting one group to level 7 before they perished. I finally got the second group to the end. Final scores: Doug 13, Ron and John 11, with Ron getting second on the tiebreak for reaching the top earlier.

Second game of K-2 saw things go a bit smoother, Ron and Erik both got 20 points, Ron winning on the tiebreak. Only Eugene, who came in third with 11 points, lost a climber. Erik got both his climbers to the top but none returned to the bottom. Ron got one to the top and safely returned and a second to level 7 to secure the win.

Two games of 7 Wonders finished thusly:
Game 1: Erik 59 Tim 54 Paul 53 Mike 40
Game 2: Tim 57 Erik 49 Mike and Eugene 44 Paul 36.

The Puerto Rico game finished as follows: John 50 Doug 47 Mike 43 Paul 37 Tim 33. It was Tim's first game of PR.